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I once read a brochure in our ped's office that it is common for children to have a sucking need until ages 5-8. I think that's true. Some kids fulfill the need with nursing, sippy cups, pacifiers, thumbs, other fingers, shirts, etc. Even though it's common, I think our society wants kids to leave the nursing, pacifier, bottle, etc behind. It makes parents feel that their kids are not independent enough which is a shame because I think it's a need that kids find a...
I have two year old twins so I need books that I can pick up easily and are interesting. Recent reads that fit that bill are Once Upon a Day, Middlesex, and The Glass Castle. The Chinaberry catalog which is primarily a children's book catalog, also has a Good Reads section. Wonderful descriptions and great recommendations there too.
Michael Olaf has a very extensive catalog that's almost a book. Lots of supplies there.
My twin girls were #3 and #4 for me as well. I have never used a playpen but when they were younger I did find an exer-saucer helpful and they liked it so I never felt bad. I also used a backpack inside sometimes if both girls wanted to be held and I still wanted at least one hand free to do something. You'll be amazed at how creative you can be and still keep everyone happy. I guarantee you'll fall hopelessly in love with your boys. You could even save your post...
I'm new to this forum, but I just wanted to add my thoughts. When I found out I has having twins I definately went into twin shock. It was the first time in my life that I felt I had no control over what was happening. It sounds like that's where you are right now, but take comfort in knowing that it's normal, and probably necessary just to process the information. My fraternal girls are now 22 months old and of course, we can't imagine life without them. I have two...
Five years ago when I only had one girl I registered with the Mothering forum and then never posted. Maybe I thought I was too busy. I now have four girls and I realized that I wanted to join in on the conversations and not just read them. It's wonderful to find a community of like-minded mamas!
New Posts  All Forums: