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I make cold process soap. I made my first batches with olive oil, coconut oil and lard (I'm sorry if you are offended!) because I could find all of the ingredients at Walmart for very cheap. You can get a large container of coconut oil at Walmart for around three dollars. I made my first batches without any kind of fragrance or essential oil. Your first few batches will probably be experiments. You can get books from the library and visit websites for free information....
I would sell it and get an umbrella stroller in the future. There will be a time where your child doesn't want to be in a baby carrier, but does get tired and an umbrella stroller is perfect for this. I have a six year old dd and she does get tired on trips to the zoo and she does need to sit in the stroller occasionally. There is no way I could put her in a baby carrier.
Quote: Actually, here's Vivian: sisters: Marian, Elanor, Clarice, Violet, Evelyn brothers: Hugh, Gilbert, Stuart, Lyle, Willis Sheesh! I can't believe I put Victoria! I'm not even pregnant, so I can't use the pregnancy brain excuse.
Quote: Is anyone willing to look up Cecilia and Vivian for me? Thanks! It looks like nobody responded to this one, so here you go! Cecilia Sisters: Helena, Lydia, Miriam, Amelia, Lillian Brothers: Oliver, Max, Edgar, Anderson, George Victoria Sisters: Emily, Caroline, Alexandra, Veronica, Abigail Brothers: Alexander, Nicholas, Benjamin, Spencer, Nathaniel
The baby wizard name book suggests these(they don't have Calissa, so I'm going off some similar names like, Carissa, Calista, ect.) Julius, Leo, Hugh, Ernest, Henry, Jake, Simon, Will, Clay, Alex, Quinton, Jarett, Tristan, Colin, Brandon, Lucas, Christian, Dominic and Elias. Here are my suggestions: Jonas Gareth Gideon Alistair Duncan Asher Kieran Oliver Ronan Cosimo Ezekiel Felix Malachi Leander Jasper Justus
It is feminine to me.
Here are mine, maybe you will get some ideas. 1.Girl Scout Bridging ceremony-Pizza 2.Salmon Cakes 3. Cooking Club Meal-Very Lime Chicken Quinoa(I participate in a cooking club with my local AP group. We form small groups and make freezer meals. We get together once a month and exchange them) 4.Cooking Club Meal-Enchiladas 5.Sloppy Jose's(Ground turkey, salsa, and cheese cooked together and put on a whole wheat bun) 6. Cheesy Cauliflower Soup in Slow...
Welcome! I'm quite a lurker myself.
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