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Thank you SO MUCH for all this information. We've opted to go with Montreal or McGill becuse we have both family and friends in the area, and the exchange rate is in our favor right now. I was quote $10k withOUT meds for 1 round of IVF here in CT, so we're looking at about half that, including meds to go to McGill. Our insurance refuses to cover any infertility treatments, so I'm looking at it as a way to get IVF for less money, but also a way to visit with friends and...
I'm looking into undergoing IVF in the greater Montreal area, and I wanted Dr and clinic recommendations. Between the exchange rate and the all-around lower costs, plus we have friends and family near Montreal, I could spend the same $10k (including drugs, because for $10k here I can get IVF, if I buy the drugs for another god-only-knows how much(lots more)) But I wonder about the odds of getting a good clinic when what I'm googling up has all prices listed, and how do I...
: for mayflowers - I wish none of us had to deal with BFN Tenk! Hi hi! You're babies are all gorgeous - I'm hoping your fertility rubs off on me :
It's so d*mn hard when people get pregnant so easily, isn't it? It irks the hell outta me, especially when I know it was unwanted or a surprise ot they have some awful habits or whatnot. :
Welcome Binkin! I'm still here, I just finished AF today - CD4, and after much bacon and cookie dough consumption, I'm mostly alright. Cycle #21 of charting - wow.
You could absolutely make a quilt out of them, you would just want to use something to stiffen up the soft knit of the onsie, like iron-on interfacing. You could also sew the embroidered bits onto an inexpensive muslin, and use that to quilt with. I could also picture a couple of cute little onsies appliqued right onto a quilt, that might look really cute too.
Its the same old stuff with me - I have been lurking mostly because this is year #5 of TTC, and I'm starting to lose hope. I'm currently using Acupuncture and trying to eat healthy and lose a bit of weight, and beyond that.. I dunno.
Could you use velcro to attach a skirt to the underside of the bed's side-rails?
The idea with acupuncture is that if one system is off balance, everything will be off balance. Like Dandelion said "acupuncture treats the WHOLE person... everything is intertwined. when you are in balance your body runs smoothly." So while I an mainly working on weight loss now, it's also helped my periods be lighter and shorter, and I've been ovulating on CD14 (instead of 16, 18, 23.. etc which is what I had been seeing) the few months since I started it. (Although I'm...
Tandy - I tried medical intervention, but it was frustrtating and SO expensive. We basically tried everything except IVF, spent tens of thousands of dollars, and have nothing to show for it except the 4lbs I gained over the last year. THe kicker of it is that they still don't know WHY we can't seem to get pregnant, since I ovulate and DH makes enough swimmers, and we time things right nearly every month. It's enough to make me want to throw things and scream sometimes....
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