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As someone who spent a LOT of money on three unsucessful rounds of injections with IUI, I would have skipped right to IVF if I'd been told the true costs and sucess rates up front. I see no reason why you shouldn't jump to IVF if you think it will work better.
We have a good sized kiddie pool that I love to thrash around in on hot days. The issue is its a fairly large pool, so I don't want to refill it weekly, but I also don't want to fill it with nasty chemicals. How can I keep the water from getting nasty after about a week? Louis and I were gonna go sit in the pool tonight, but he just went out to get leaves out of it, and said the water was "scummy and slimey" around the edges of the pool. He thinks it was starting to grow...
Oh! That is gorgeous!
Aaaaaand I'm back. My 3rd and likely final injections and IUI cycle failed, with a mere 9 day luteal phase and the RE is now really heavily pushing IVF. I'm REALLY not sure. I just posted an entire thread about it, I'd love opinions from anyone in the same boat.
Hi all - I'm really struggling with my RE's latest recommendation, which is to move on to IVF after 3 failed cycles of injections and IUI's. I'm gonna be lazy and copy my post from another place about the conversation I had with the RE about this: "I just got off the phone with the Dr. He agrees that my LP is on the short side, but says that its not his main concern. He seems to think that is it was only a LP defect, that I'd be having miscarriages, not just nothing...
I had my IUI today. I can't decide is its a good omen or a bad one that today is April Fools though. Aly - that stinks that you are looking at a lot of money. I know my clinic has been VERY understanding of my being self-pay, without insurance covering anything. They offer a small discount if I pay at each ultrasound visit, which makes it slghyl less painfull to pay in small chunks instead of big ones. They also looked out for me and got me freebies for meds whenever...
I've been going to The Center For Fertility and Womens Health at New Britain hospital.
I just heard from my RE about todays bloodwork and ultrasound - I'm not responding like they'd like to see, so he's adding Menopur to my nightly routine, in addition to my Follistim shots. Has anyone gone this route before? Why would I not be responding this month as well as I did the first 2 months?
Quote: Originally Posted by Seedlings Wow that is really crazy. What cd are you on? Do you think the injectables are effecting your cycle? With Follistim I start spotting a few days before I have full flow. Maybe if you just put on cute white pants and walked around a public place she would show (she's a bad one like that to me) : Thanks - I needed that. : AF showed up last night, and she is piiiiisssed! Cramps from hell - ugh. Which...
: Augh! More spotting today and another BFN. Why can't the hag just SHOW UP and stop torturing me like this? I mean, at this point I'm pretty much assured she is coming, so SHOW UP! Stop screwing with me!!!!! :
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