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Well, I never expect my babysitters to clean up after play or feeding the kids... to me it's just the deal, that they take care of the children and focus on that and that only. It's hard enough for me to take care of them and clean up too, so I don't expect anyone else to do it either. I'd rather have the sitter focus on the kids than on the mess!
Melissa, that reminds me of something my mom used to do and that I do too -- running the dishwasher at bedtime. I know it was probably just a matter of logistics for her, it is for me too, but there's something so comforting to me about hearing the dishwasher when you're lying in bed, means the day is over, everything's done, time to sleep, and everyone's safe and sound in their bedrooms.
I would think the installers know how to work with this kind of thing -- pretty much everyone in the complex will have the same situation, don't you think? Probably they will do one room at a time and move the stuff/furniture out of one room, carpet it, and then move it back. I'd just put your little things in small boxes or maybe on the beds so the installers can move them easily with the furniture. Don't worry, it will work out fine!  
OP, I'm also glad it worked out well -- sounds like your kids love and understand each other so they could work it out among themselves! The resolution made me smile. :)    
Were you planing on taking the girls on vacation while your DS and DH were in Australia, or going while they are still with you (like before they leave to Australia)? If you go to Cuba at the same time your DS is gone, I think it would work better than trying to go while he is still with you. If you go with just your girls while your DS is still there, I can see why that would make him feel bad... I guess to me the timing would make a difference. I've taken trips without...
frugalmum, that happened to me once too! It was kind of strange, because we were both in our 30s, it was before we had any kids. We were on vacation and someone in a shop pointed to me and then to DH and said "mother, son?" I was like, um what??? My only guess is that DH is a little shorter than me, but he's also 8 years older, so who knows. It was weird!  
What does she do when she wakes up? Is she fully awake and alert and everything, or is she still sleepy but crying? I ask because my DS does this practically every night, much like traci447's DS -- I nurse him down, put him down, leave the room, and usually within 30 minutes he wakes up and starts crying. But all I have to do is go in the room and let him know I'm there, touch him, and talk to him softly, and he usually goes right back to sleep. Sometimes he does it 3 or...
I don't know, maybe he was making a joke? Or trying to, one that went over badly... Did you smell any whiskey on his breath, or did your stepdad? It does sound weird -- if he really WAS sneaking and drinking in the car, why would he tell your stepdad about it? Strange.
I love this!!! Now if I could only have the guts to use it!!   I guess I'm in the club too. I haven't been called my kids' grandma yet, but I suspect it's only a matter of time -- I'm 43 with a 1 yo and a 5 yo. DH on the other hand is 52 and has been assumed to be the grandpa lots of times. I guess it makes sense with him, he does look like a grandpa.    That said, there was one time when I did think a woman at the park was the grandma and she turned out to be the kids'...
Interesting, Logan -- I can totally see where you wouldn’t want to get into that conversation with strangers! Maybe you could use the language that’s appearing here in this thread, such as “They are of X and Y heritage/ancestry/background” – that’s neutral, and descriptive, and means you don’t have to get into exactly how they came by that heritage.
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