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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
NAK - I have pinkeye and BM wasn't clearing it up. Dr. prescribed Tobramycin drops . . . are they safe?? TIA!!!!
Ugh. So, after MONTHS of suffering through dry-nursing my 2 year old, we're finally tandeming! I have NO pain with my newborn,but DS's latch got horrible after so many months with no milk, and nursing him is really painful. His top teeth are leaving deep marks in my nipple area. We've talked about openiong wide and not using teeth when he sucks, but it's not helping. What else can I do? I don't want to wean him after all the effort it took me to get to this point, but he's...
I am so very sorry for your loss.
I'm in the exact same spot, and it stinks. And yes, I've tried EVERYTHING. I have a version scheduled with my MW's backup OB for Thursday morning, and feel good about it. It helps that my babe is actually footling/incomplete breech and I have a compromised pelvis, so there ain't a person anywhere who would help me birth her vaginally (and, quite frankly, as pro-birth, natural-birth oriented as I am, *I* am not confident in my ability to birth her vaginally as things...
Were you especially tense during the appointment? That could cause it. If you're worried, you can go to most drugstores and they'll have a machine to test BP that you can use. You could monitor it over the next couple of days that way, if you're concerned! Sorry things didn't go well . . .
Yay! ::: And while I'd do what you can (squats, etc.) to keep her in position, I think you'll know if she flips back (I mean, you felt the version - can you imagine "missing" that??)
*comes out of lurkdom* At 35 weeks, my babe is still breech, and in a pretty ugly way (incompete breech with her butt in one of my hips, one foot up by my ribs, one down by my cervix.) I'm doing chiropractic and as much positioning/at home tricks as I can while on bedrest, will do acupuncture next week, but if nothing works, I'll be looking at a version. Which I will *totally* do. Of course, for me, the difference is between a vaginal birth in the FSBC where I had DS...
Oops- sorry! A diuretic is something that makes you pee a lot - that encourages your body to shed excess fluid. Edema is fluid-related swelling, often occurring first in the hands and feet. (So, have your rings been tight? Are your feet puffy?)
Watermelon is a significant diuretic - my MW actually recommends it to combat edema in pregnancy. Perhaps that has something to do with your craving? Are you having any candida overgrowth symptoms?
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