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Quote: Originally Posted by pookel Wait, you mean I can't be lazy and play video games all day AND beat my kids with a ruler? No fair! Quote: Originally Posted by Charles Baudelaire Sure you can. That's called being a "relaxed homeschooler." OMG! Thank you for helping me define my homeschool philosophy! Now we belong somewhere! Except that we can't do math and we're not even unschoolers.
Quote: Originally Posted by aishy I was thinking last night how I know I had to learn that stuff for tests, but did I remember it now? NO. I remember how to do the math, how to read, how to write. The important stuff. Exactly. When I watched the show I thought all it was accomplishing was showing that kids spend lots of time memorizing facts that they'll forget as they get older. If the questions were about life skills, such as how to balance...
I keep reading that bostons are good family dogs. How are they with kids and other dogs? What about health and life expectancy? What about ease of housetraining and amount of shedding? How terrier-ish are they?
I'd say beagle/shepherd.
Mary, Why are boxers short-lived?
Quote: Originally Posted by crl This is definitely a factor, but I'd rather have 8 years with a dog that really fits well for us than 15 years with a dog that doesn't. . I think you said it all in the sentence above. If this is how you feel, and you really love goldens, then go for the gold! Especially since you've already experienced losing one to cancer, and that's not deterring you from wanting another one.
Yes, unfortunately many people who work with animals could use better people skills (including me!) I think a lot of people find it so much easier to relate to animals than to people. Often, people who can't deal with people, but who still need connection, choose to work with animals. And it's great when you find your niche. But we still have to deal with people sometimes, so I think that leaders of organizations should be more people-oriented than the other volunteers...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna If you don't have to have a puppy you might be able to find a nice adult from a breeder that is being retired. That is how we got our first one. How would you go about finding a retired pug? What age do they usually retire? Avengingophelia: Why do you think you're seeing so many bostons for rescue?
Quote: Originally Posted by glendora Invisible and odorless and without substance? Ahhh, a cat lover?
Quote: Originally Posted by avengingophelia If my IW mix mutt had a longer life expectancy, he'd be my ideal dog. I forgot that criteria! Very important! Long life expectancy and good health need to be added to my list. I like black dogs. And I root for them because they are often overlooked in shelters and rescues for some reason. I like my dog's velvety, shiny color. Brown is ok too. Fur color is not an essential criteria for me, but...
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