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Fix yourself and the whole family will be fixed! If you're not eating well he will not be eating well. Thats just how it works!
Were in the Okanagan and I would love to have my living room north facing! Our south facing living room is almost unbearably hot & bright all summer. I guess it depends where in BC you are. Our deck is north facing and we really appreciate it. Otherwise it would be just too hot to use all summer. As it is there are still many evenings we can't handle the heat out there.
Listen to Maryjane! She's hit the nail on the head! A bit at a time and then maintain it as you go. You can do it! It took me till my youngest was 3 before I felt like I got my groove back with just about every area of my house and life!
want to sub. I have a vitamix but feel I haven't used it to its potential yet. I don't have a food processer so I guess its doing whatever I might use that for. I make hot chocolate(in my family's opinion thats its most important use!), smoothies, chutney, salsa, nut butter occasionally, and some kale puree. I need to watch the video again and see what else I should be using it for. I'd like to branch out into soups. Czen
Great help everybody. I'm leaning toward the Sleepin' in Omelet. it looks delicous, easy, and filling. Thanks!
I just like to have a tried 'n true recipe first time out -before I tweak! -Especially on Christmas morning with the in-laws here. Tjsmama, you don't have an exact recipe do you?
Anyone have a fabulous recipe for a make ahead breakfast casserole? I've never made one and want to try this year. The one's I'm finding online have processed stuff that I don't like to use, frozen hash browns & corn flakes for example. Anyone have something healthier? Thanks!
No, It doesn't. I have gone back to using a pot and having better luck than I did with the cooker.
you stop the sputtering by adding some oil. A touch of butter, CO, or olive oil all work. Works like a charm!
I would be worried about the stink of a porta potty in my tent! Is this not an issue?
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