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How did you do it? What speed & how long did it take, etc. And also, how did it taste? I'm very curious! I got a kitchenaid mixer for Christmas and am loving exploring its uses. Right now I'm making a ton of ice cream with that attachment. Czen
I think we've got it as low as it will go without scraping. And I'm using my ingredients at the same temp as I always have with my hand mixer. And the lumps aren't butter, usually flour.
My DH gave me a Cuisinart stand mixer for Christmas. I've never used a stand mixer before so I'm not sure if it doesn't work properly or my expectations are too high. I find my batters stay a little lumpy no matter how high or long I mix them, and there are always pockets of flour on the sides or bottom. Is this normal? I am thinking of taking it back and getting the kitchenaid professional instead. Any input to help me decide what to do would be...
I use the dirty dozen list and don't worry about the rest right now. Czen
I'm going to try brining the turkey this year. Is it OK to still stuff the turkey once its been brined? Czen
Great help everyone! Thanks! Czen
So how do I make a sugar free salad dressing? I was thinking something with oil and vinegar and some herbs? But I'm not sure what herbs to use. Any ideas? I'm going sugar free for the month of October so I could use some help! Thanks! Czen
I was going to say strawberry rhubarb pie for this time of year. I took it to a potluck yesterday and it went over well. Czen
Well for us 4 was the straw that broke the camels back! Not financially but in regards to mental health! But we're making it through and it gets better the older the baby gets. Czen
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