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Been wrong for my first two. I just double checked it again. Says both my girls should be boys. I did it for the one we are expecting and it says girl. So I'll take that as a sign we're having a little boy! BTW, my 12 year old just said of course it didn't work and gave me a talk about the X & Y chromosomes and how it all works!:
My oldest had what sounds like the same thing at close to the same age. Lated for a few months and no one could figure out what was wrong. By the time we finally got into see a specialist it had cleared up. An eternal mystery, uncomfortable at the time but no long term damage. BTW, at the time I'd never even heard of ND's so we just used our regular mainstream doc.
My midwife says its true on the approach to the full moon, not at the actual full moon itself. She's a 50 year old midwife who has been doing this forever. I'll trust her experience.
I had low iron levels with #2 and it makes you feel like you've been run over by a truck (and a really BIG truck!). Once I got that problem fixed up I was amazed at the difference. I would check it out!
I am a former crazy junk food junkie. I found what worked for me was going to a ND, doing a cleansing diet, working to eliminate processed foods for our family, and trying to educate myself about nutrition. I didn't concentrate on what I wasn't eating, but what I was eating! It was great my DH and I both lost about 15lbs each without even trying, my energy level soared, and I just felt great! I really recomend seeing the ND and cleansing the system.
In a pinch I would use some vaseline. I know its a petroleum product, but before I apuired this info I used it for years to prevent windburn on my lips.
Oh, thats a very good thought! I agree!
Hello all, I've been lurking here for ages just learning about non-toxic cleaners. I've also purchased and read Clean House, Clean Planet. This week I've started cleaning non-toxically in earnest and I'm loving it! I'm wondering though about the essential oils and vinegar solutions. I've read that the Tea Tree Oil is an antiseptic but then in the book CHCP she also recomends mixing other oils in your vinegar solution for a more pleasing smell. Do you need the Tea...
I've fantisized about an outdoor birth myself. But I'm on my third Canadian winter baby. Can't see making that work!: A little cold for my tastes. My midwife did tell me she once attended an outdoor birth along a river bank. Sounded beautiful. But I do think that Malama is right. Once it came down to the real work of labour I like a smaller, safer cacoon to birth in.
Well, I don't know about you, but I can't wait to hear if its a + or -! The suspense is killing me!
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