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and it takes a 1/2 hour per pound in the water. Czen
Bump! I'm always wondering about this too. I have 4 kids so you think I would have figured it out by now! But I still feel uncomfortable with it. And the thing is that we don't have it often enough that I have thought of researching it. Czen edited because it seems I can't spell "bump"!
In the fridge at 5 hours per pound. Czen
dharmamama - I would love to hear you expand on how your spiritual beliefs reflect on your family food decisions. Sounds fascinating! I do regulate food. I grew up being allowed pretty much whatever I wanted and I now struggle to "teach" my body to crave healthy foods. I feel like I am giving my children a gift by establishing a healthy diet in our home. I am sure they will venture into unhealthy territory as they grow up but at least when they want to eat healthy...
Even if this is an old thread (which I didn't realize till Annakiss mentioned it) it sure is a good read on what I feel is a bad parenting day! Czen
you can chop veggies. Usually it will come with different blades that well give you options on how you want them done. Czen
I just carry the baby for short distances while the toddler walks. For longer I always used the sling (occasionally a small umbrella stroller). This time 'round I've got a 4 year old and a 2 year old to keep track of. Might start to use a stroller a bit more. We'll see in a few months how that all pans out. Czen
I am falling in love with Vitamixes! I want to buy one but can't figure out where to get it. I've read Costco but ours doesn't carry them. Or are they just something you can buy when the Vitamix people come in and do a demo? I really didn't want to buy it over the internet. Its a big purchase for me and makes me feel more secure if I can see it in person before hand and know I'm buying it from a reliable source due to warrenty, etc. Can anyone give me some...
smoothies, gingered carrot soup, veggies when I'm making a huge quantity of soup or stew, spinach for calzone fillings, kale to freeze in small portions and sneak into other things, hummus, and then just odd things that come up. It comes out of the cupboard at least a couple of times a week. Czen
throw it in a quiche! You can make a crust out of grated potato if you like. Easier and cheaper than pastry. Czen
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