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Hi all.  I'm Cindy and I'm due with #4 April 21.  Been a part of MDC since I was pregnant with #1 in 2005!
Have you looked at the providers from New Jersey BirthNetwork?  http://www.njbirthnetwork.org/Provider_Directory.html   They've all signed the Mother Friendly Childbirth Initiative. http://www.motherfriendly.org/MFCI     There are also some really phenomenal questions here to ask prospective doctors to see if they are on board with your wishes.  http://www.motherfriendly.org/Resources/Documents/Having_a_Baby-English.pdf   And finally, just know that having a...
Two boys, ages 6 and 5. Not a single problem.
There are some super awesome LLL groups out there with some very cool AP moms.  Check out This link for their meetings and contact info. There's even a link to their yahoo group, which is really active. http://www.lllusa.org/NYE/Queens/queens.HTM
I just want to point out that as far as I can see nobody on this thread has identified themselves as a Leader or an official representative of LLL. Therefore none of the posts in this thread should be ascribed to LLL.This is an important distinction because this is how rumors can potentially start where someone says LLL said something, when in fact it was not said by LLL at all. In this case the examples are made by people on mothering.com- not by official representatives...
Hi Tigress!  Check out Jessica Lawlor.  She was totally on board with my home waterbirth!  http://www.newjerseyhomebirth.com/  
Yeah, I've been traveling to either Trader Joe's or Wegmans to get the fresh stuff.  Gosh I wish more farms would be listed on localharvest!  I love them, but around me its not showing meat/poultry (or the ones that do don't exist anymore.)  Ugh.  I'm going to keep trying.  If I do find someplace I'll post it for others too!  
Doing well here! Better than well actually. DH just said he's ok for #4, but ttc somewhere between Jan of 14 - Jan of 15. I'm stupidly excited knowing he's really really ok with the 4th! So the wait is officially on!
The hierarchy is NOT endorsed by/discussed at LLL meetings, if that is your worry. I've never been to a meeting in 3 states where it has come up. LLL meets moms where they are to achieve their on personal breastfeeding/pumping goals. I merely pointed out that breastfeeding straight from the breast being the idyllic first choice is not an exclusive thought from LLL, but also by the WHO. I'm sorry if anything I posted sounded otherwise. It was my ill-put wording.
Happy New Year, Ladies!
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