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I heart good appointments! Yay for you!
Quote: Originally Posted by grazy101 Here's mine. I added you ladies. Add me. Hey, I can't add you for some reason so feel free to add me.
Oh and I'm friending all of you so if you see a Cindy come up today that would be me.
I'll bite. I'm here: http://tinyurl.com/28r6o9w I used tinyurl because I don't want my last name just generally on the forum. I warn you now if you don't like all those farmville/frontierville games you'll need to hide those applications before I unintentionally fill up your wall with that nonsense, lol.
Awww. Little boys are great!
Oh Melissa, I'm so sorry for this and all your losses.
Looks good to me, and thanks for being conscious of my vacay!
My father has a house about an hour away from here so if my brother and SIL decide to come for the holidays I'll tell them that we need to play it by ear and they might have to stay with dad. I'm being very upfront that I will be in no shape to be a good hostess and I might be getting Thanksgiving and x-mas catered so I'm not running around. If they come here they can't expect a good visit with me and the baby because we might be nursing every 20 minutes. And I'm not...
My younger DS was born 11/30 and I have two SILs born 12/2 and 12/14. We don't mix gifts. Everyone gets birthday presents on or around the birthday and then presents at the holidays. My family has been really good about it too. We usually all get together around x-mas, so they either come to the birthday party or send a gift and then we do the normal x-mas stuff at the x-mas celebration. I'm technically due 12/21 with this child, and though I'd love a Solstice/Yule...
Cathy, I'm so sorry for your loss.
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