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I voted "when mom thinks its the right time" but what I really mean is when the baby shows signs of readiness, probably around the middle to second half of the first year of life.
Oh my goodness, can everyone please PLEASE read LLL's version of events if you haven't already before passing judgement? PatioGardener linked to it in the second post of this thread. Here it is again: http://www.lllc.ca/rugby-player-and-bottle LLL didn't make some large public stink about the image. They were CONSULTED by the ministry and gave their opinion to them. That means the ministry sought their take on it and was open to constructive criticism. The...
Yes, thank you for writing this! So much good information. I'm planning on starting doula services soon, and so confused on the business side of things!
Joining the thread. I'm starting to get the baby itch again. My youngest will be two on Thursday. Dh would really like to be done with kids, but I just have this feeling there is a 4th for us. I'm thinking we will be waiting at the very least until Spring or Fall, but it may be longer.
I am on the hunt for good prices/places to buy humanely raised chicken and other meats. I'd prefer organic or places that use organic practices. I've been mdriving 30 mins - and hour every week to mostly buying meats at Trader Joes and Wegmans. We pov ether, but I feel like there just must be a better way! Help?
My oldest hit the RVCS lottery the day before school started.  He's been there a month and we LOVE it!  Just thought I'd update!  
We're in Budd Lake!   
I'm totally not happy about this new bill.  Time to write and call and otherwise annoy the senate until the vote!  Dr. Ching-Hwa Chi is supportive of parents who choose not to vax.  He's in Hackettstown, very close to Morris County!  
Yep, they're going with Dr. Banks!  I'm happy for them that they've found someone more supportive. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions!  
Hi! From what I was told the Lamaze seminars are given by several organizations/schools and could be via teleconference for distance learners. I actually think that would be kinda cool. And yes, as far as I remember CBI does some online certification and if Lamaze accepts that its another way to do it online. As I said, online training can be really useful. I take online seminars all the time for lactation information.As for taking a test in person, I don't think that...
New Posts  All Forums: