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Amanda I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with your OB! Are you taking the teacher training next year? I'm in NJ too! We should hook up by phone or email! I'd love to know more about your experience and what OB you had so I don't unwittingly tell clients about him/her! My info is here: bradleybirth.com/cindycalvano
Interesting article, Christine. The Bradley Method discusses all aspects of pregnancy and birth, many exercises and positions for birth including squatting. Since this is a discussion of the difference between Bradley and Lamaze I'm wondering if you or anyone can speak to Lamaze's discussions of squatting.
I'm also really interested in reading the post. I think the blog is down. The couple are my really good friends, and they are also taking my Bradley Natural Childbirth classes. They REALLY don't want drugs and to be induced. I can teach and teach and teach my passion of natural childbirth to them, but we all know that the choice of a trustworthy provider is one of the most important decisions any pregnant person can make. Their current providers are giving less than...
Hiya!  I live in Budd Lake and I'm happy to talk if you want an ear.  I'll try to answer some of your questions here, but it might be easier to talk on the phone.  The most important things when looking to have a natural childbirth are 1) finding a provider that is on board with what you want and 2) doing everything in your power to stay as low-risk as possible.  You can have an intervention-free birth anywhere- hospital or home, but it is imperative that you find the...
I used and loved Jessica Lawlor!  She's AWESOME and her midwife student, Dahlyt is amazing too!  Dina was her backup and was comforting during the birth as well.   
Really good question.  Having a Doula is a wonderful thing.  I LOVE Doulas and think they are SO worth the money.  Even with a great husband/partner as a coach, an experienced Doula is an amazing asset.  While it sounds great to have the Doula that is helping you teach you childbirth classes I have to admit, I'm a bit skeptical when I hear about classes that are less than 8-12 weeks long.   There is just so much information to cover I wonder how 8 hours of instruction...
Thanks, Cynthia!   Janet, I feel like the WAB and NCTBH are such important books for pregnant families.  I am really looking forward to using them in class!  I love your New Beginnings article! 
Hi mamas!  I was wondering how many Bradley Instructors we have here!  MDC is where I learned about Bradley courses 7 years ago before I took them with my first birth.  Three children later and I'm teaching the classes out in NJ.  What about everyone else?
Thanks Janet!!  Nice to "see" another Bradley teacher on here!  
Found it!   Jennifer Leopold, IBCLC, LLLL, LMSW 718-339-3806 jenniferleopold@aol.com  
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