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The only first hand experience I have is from going to their open house. I actually live smack dab in between Unity and Ridge and Valley Charter School (RVCS). In the end I decided I'd much rather send the kids to RVCS. Unity has some perks like more services and a great chef, but it is definitely more urban and there isn't much to do about it because of their location. You take the good with the bad because of it. From going to their open house and RVCS I came away...
I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier. Jennifer Leopold is a really knowledgeable and empathetic IBCLC in Brooklyn. I'll try to get her info to send to you in a moment.
Apparently I had to "unfollow" you, which I just did.  That is so creepy that someone can follow your posts and be told when you update.    Hiding under a pillow now.  
Have you tried Jessica Lawlor of In Due Season?  http://www.newjerseyhomebirth.com/index.html   Dana and I used her for HBs.  She was very calming and Dr. Garfinkel is her backup in Morristown.    BTW congrats!  I won't tell anyone!  Just very happy for you and annoyed that mothering.com has some stalker setting I never intended to activate.  Have to find a way to stop it from alerting me to your posts because it is so invasive.  :)  
That is an awesome link!  Thanks so much!  
Aaaaaaahhhhhh  must not read the comments!!!!  My brain.  It hurts.  
Any idea what happened to the brio vent blog?  It was up like 2 weeks ago but now I can't find it!  
Gotta warn about Brio Birth, there are some really shady things going on there.  Individual instructors are nice people, but the organization has been taking money from prospective instructors and not giving anything in return, plus they lost lawsuits trying to steal the Bradley name and most recently came under scrutiny for selling non-legal parking passes to pregnant women.    Just finished taking the Bradley Method one and I loved it.   Hope you find the best...
I might be interested.  Everyone is asking but, what town?  Really it will make a difference as to whether I'm able to or not!  
Welcome!  Yeah, I find those mainstream boards really hard to feel a part of.  Hopefully you like it better here.  Congrats on your pregnancy!!!  You might want to look into the due date clubs here.  I've met some of my best online friends through MDC's DDCs!
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