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If you do end up finding the information would you pass it on?  I teach Bradley Method Childbirth classes and I would love to have the information for my students!!!  
We are in NW morris county, my son is in public school, and we put in a religious exemption for vax.  In NJ they are still not allowed to ask you what religion you practice which is a great help to many people who don't want their religious beliefs questioned. I attach the mandate that says that every time I put in religious exemptions so that they are reminded. I'm happy to talk to you more about it if you have any questions!   
I just saw this now or I would have replied sooner.  Full disclosure: I'm a Bradley Method Teacher in NJ and I kinda think they're awesome, but I don't have anything against Lamaze in general.    Lamaze has become a blanket term and not every class that says it is "Lamaze" is actually Lamaze based because of that.  Crazy but true, as they really don't go after anyone that uses the word Lamaze for whatever childbirth class they are teaching.  Many hospitals have what...
I'd love info on this as well. I would love to purchase a pelvic model and other materials.
No idea but I will ask her! Thanks for the reco!
I agree wit germin8. You might like Bradley even though it's "husband coached". He doesn't have to be responsible for getting you through, but it does give you both a leg up with knowing what is normal or not and lots of different labor techniques that might work for both of you. Good luck whatever you choose!
In an effort to raise money to take the Bradley Childbirth Educator course this May I am selling a bunch of my Barefoot Books stock at 25% off. All are new and it includes beautifully illustrated books, cds, puzzles, and Folkmanis puppets. I'll include free shipping to you if you take $50 worth. Please feel free to share with your friends and help me get to my goal of being a Bradley Childbirth Educator! To see them all go here:...
I'm wondering anyone knows of a provider (ob or mw) that delivers twins vaginally and has the ability to do deliveries out of morristown hosp preferably. My friend is expecting her first and second and she really wants to go natural but would rather morristown because there is a nicu. If you have any leads please let me know, even if it's not Morristown hosp.  Mama is very dedicated to trying to make natural work and she wants to BF so the less interventions necessary the...
I'm not living on SI anymore, but I did for 28 years, only moved 2.5 years ago and still lead with La Leche League of Staten Island. The group is thriving and full of some amazing moms! We are actually having a meeting tomorrow morning, a Breastfeeding Cafe next week, and an evening meeting the week after if you'd like to meet some like-minded moms. You can find us at lllofstatenisland.com or Facebook.com/lllofstatenisland. Warmly, Cindy
I was so excited to see the coops running again. I used to run coops very successfully here. I'm disappointed to see the new 2000 post rule considering. Is there any way your past proven experience and loads of positive feedback as a successful mdc coop host can get you grandfathered in? Feel free to pm.
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