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I just moved from SI, but as Bonnie said we have an awesome LLL group of like minded moms. I love them so much I still keep up with them even though I live an hr away. If you haven't already you could always sign up for the LLL SI yahoo group too. It's really active. There is a link off the one Bonnie posted! Cindy
I didn't use them, but I'm right in the area (one town over in Budd Lake) and just had an awesome home birth with Jessica Lawlor, and her backup Dina who actually ended up being at the birth. Just writing in case you were researching other options too. I know how overwhelming researching can be!
I agree with you wholeheartedly about seeking several opinions. What a blessing to know this early and have time and options! The surgeries are nerve-wracking but at least you get to choose the best option for your son and family.
Oh how awesome! 2 of each is like my dream family!
Our kids are cd'd from birth as well. I just bought some cheap fleece liners to catch the merconium poop and once that was done we stopped with the liners. We are FB lovers. I like the perfect fit as opposed to the o/s because our babied come out preemie-sized. We have about 18 xs (good for about 4-8lbs and very helpful if you've got itty babies like mine who were 5lb6oz and 5lb12oz each) and then about 24 smalls and a huge amount of mediums that last until potty...
Maybe I'm reading it wrong. Is it Ee-lie or Eee-lay? I like Ee-lie and Ori both but I'm not a fan of Ee-lay. Whatever you end up going with don't let nay-sayers sway you, mama! Its your baby! Plus, baby boys rock! You're going to love him!
I feel for you. I have two boys and as much as I love them and wouldn't trade them for the world I'd also love to have an additional child be a girl. Regardless, you (and I if it comes to that) will love our kids whatever their sex. You'll be an amazing mama to 4 boys, or 5 boys or...
Quote: Originally Posted by lovesoup Ahh, so glad to be among so many like-minded foks here, who understand the difference! I'm constantly surprised at how many people don't, or don't think it's important. I think it's a hugely important distinction because *making* the distinction points out that gender is not a part of your essential nature, but rather is constructed by society (as some of you have said). I laugh when I see it wrong on...
Awesome! How fun is that!
I agree with the above mamas when I say to be easy on yourself. Things happen and its not your fault. I'm sorry Julian will have to go through surgeries and you'll have to deal with that type of pain. Hugs.
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