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Okay, second try. Somehow a finished reply just disappeared. More coffee needed.   The Breastfeeding challenge was, of course, fabulous. Very nice atmosphere, 65 mamas and babes were counted in the official latch-on. The Swag Bags were amazing, the door prizes spectacular.   Evymama will be sponsoring next year as well. Contact sarahkaplan@evymama.ca or info@evymama.ca if you are interested in participating in any way-- as a sponsor or donor. Pregnant and or...
 This event is going to be amazing, Sarah and Heidi are killing themselves to make it so--We need lots of Mamas and Babes to attend.   Please spread the word! The 2013 Annual Toronto Breastfeeding Challenge will be hosted for the first time this year by Evymama Nursing & Maternity. The event, titled "The Ladies Who Latch", will take place at 918 Bathurst Street in the Great Hall, from 10am to 12pm on Saturday, October 5th, with registration beginning at 9:30am....
OMG the sucking fingers! I have a sister who does that and I actually cant eat with her. I feel nauseous right now. Also, when I am wating at the table with some of the family until everyone is there and they all start eating before everyone is there! So rude!
I have bf'd all 4 of my kids until they self-weaned at various ages from 3.5 to OMG. I tandem nursed twice. My nipples were also slightly flat at first and now are somewhat stretchy. My youngest is almost 10 and has been weaned for around 3 yrs. So I daresay your nipples will recede slightly but not altogether. They will be beautifully lived in.
My DD turned 5 in Feb., she is slowing down drastically lately. which I don't mind. no one else in the family nursed much past four, she seems huge.
I fit bras. To get a starting point, measure around your chest above your breasts. Next measure around the fullest part of your breasts. The difference in inches is usually your cup size. For example, if the first measurement is 34 and the second one is 36, you are probably a 34 B. That is not infallible, you must try on a few different styles. I concur that 38 is probably huge on you, unless you are spectacularly muscled.
#1 was 3.5, #2 and #3 were 4+ a bit, #4 is still lovin her nursies at over 5 years. I have been hinting that no one really nurses when they are 6. She nods without losing her grip on the nipple.
I got my kids hooked and now their bathroom smells nice instead of like pee.
It sounds like you have gallstones. I lost 25 pounds last year due to severe pain every time I ate, low fat helped but not alot, so I eventually opted to have the damned thing removed. I am better. Go see your doc!
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