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In our house if someone can't speak nicely to the people around them, they need to go be alone until they are able to be civil. However, since you mentioned that your older dd has been bullied, I wonder if she's still processing that (or still being bullied?) and so she's trying to build herself up by knocking her sister down? So, I would try to both address the issue of being mean, and make sure she feels okay about herself.
Homemade popcorn balls? seed packets? You could go to Target or Walmart now and check out the back-to-school stuff that's on clearance now, and see what looks like fun. Maybe you can get some cheap crayons or little notepads or something.
We bought a toaster oven. It's more user-friendly than the big oven, and it's good for a lot more than an easy bake oven would be.
Are you familiar with the Family on Bikes? They've been biking from Alaska to the Southern tip of South America for the last 2 years. They're going to be featured on Good Morning America on Monday. Their website has a lot of information about how they do what they do, including the financial aspect. ZM
I agree with Dar that playing does seem to be what kids need. My oldest is almost 10, and while she still plays a lot, she does some academic stuff too, and knows an amazing amount of stuff. She reads a TON, and that's the source of a lot of her knowledge, but she has definitely learned plenty while playing. She often tells me things that I didn't know. Her "play" has been transitioning away from pretend play, and more towards the kind of play I enjoy-- strategy games,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Youngfrankenstein I'm not saying it's okay to steal. I'm saying that I wouldn't get mad at the girl. Like I stated in my post, I do believe that this is a much more potentially sensitive situation. If she stole a pack of gum from her cousin, I wouldn't think twice about an immediate reaction. Personally, I'd handle it with kid gloves. That's just my opinion. I agree about not getting mad, but if it were a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Youngfrankenstein And later on down the road when you feel the situation has calmed down, you may want to ask her about where she got the bra. Even if she took it without asking, I wouldn't accuse her of stealing, I think that would just be very sensitive for her. I don't understand this. If she's stealing stuff from her cousins, that's a problem, and sooner or later it's going to come out, and probably not as...
I agree with PP-- I would show it to her and ask her about it when she gets home, and would not assume that she took it without asking. Even if the conversation is uncomfortable, I think she'll probably feel better when it's out in the open. FWIW, I have a lot of trouble imagining a 7 y.o. who "needs" a bra. Based on my girls and their friends, I would tend to think that 9-10 would be the very beginning of that. I can imagine a 7 y.o. being intrigued by the big...
I have heard of kids having a laminated "homeschool id" with a parent's phone number on it. If that would give you and him some piece of mind, I'd do it.
We buy kids' sneakers at Target. So far they've lasted till the kids outgrew them.
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