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check your PM's...please..
check your PM's....PLEASE
I have 2 intact boys, ages 10 and 5 and never had 1 single issue with either one of them except keeping hands busy most of the time away from their 'favourite toy' when younger. Oldest has been retracting since age 5 and my youngest is about 'halfway there', lol..
With my 1st son, the nurse asked me and at the same time handed me the forms, I told her NO, ripped the forms in several pieces and told her to not bring any more back or ask me again. She winked, told me good for you and took them back out of my room. With my 2nd son, the question was never asked as my Dr, knew the answer before-hand:
I have never been with any man that was mutilated at birth or later; my 2 sons, 7 and 2, are as they were born>INTACT< and they both realize this is natural and my oldest has already told me when he is older that his sons will be left this way as well:
Neither Mom or Dad are Jewish; like I stated they said they waited till they had the $$ to get him mutilated in a Dr's office. I am still sick about this happening..
I just went thru a similar experience yesterday and I too am so sad and feel so....empty. My god-daughter had her 1st son last Tuesday. Now she is 28 and a very smart girl. She and I have had many talks about circumcision and she knows that my son Jacob (6) is a natural boy and has never had a minutes trouble with his penis or foreskin. She had seen all info, and a video and agreed that her son would not be mutilated. Well, yesterday her Mom called me crying and said that...
Happy Birthday Noah, may you never have to know what the effects are from that device you are holding in Picture #2...
Jacob 'dsiscovered' his best friend : at 6 months and has never left it alone since, lol...though I FINALLY convinced him before starting kindergarden that not everybody wanted to see the neat tricks it does and to keep his pants on at least during school time...
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