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hmmmmm yes is 48% and NO is 52%, woohoo!
He is a VERY Pro-circ urologist in Atlanta, Ga..:
Although I live in a slightly remote area away from a subdivision type environment, and my son Jacob has plenty of 'naked time', I have explained to him that there is a time and place for everything, like exploring his body and his penis esp., and that he shouldn't do that with other people around. This generally has worked and satisified him, although when his cousins were over at Easter, he did ask many questions when the 3 of them bathed as 1 of them is circumcised ...
the day my son Jacob doesn't either hold or pull on his penis is the day I will start to worry..
I have never used any kind of soap to wash under my DS foreskin. He usually just retracts it and rinses under the water and replaces before soaping his body up and he has never had any sort of irritation or UTI, other than the redness at the tip when the foreskin was seperating and he had that sticky early smegma releasing from inside as mentioned before.
When my DS discivered that he was able to retract, he wanted to show everyone who visited or came into contact with him. I had to explain that this was something to be very proud of but not to be shared with the world..but I guess he is part exhibitionist as he still 'shows it off', lol.
My DS Jacob will be 4 in June, we live outside of Atlanta Ga and at least at my Ped., intactness is the norm as she and her partner, who is a midwife, are both very ANTI circ. He is retractable and won't leave that thing alone, lol.
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