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okidoki mamas thanks!
thank you mmamas, im reading im reading! keep it coming please! you are so kind, so helpful, LO MAXIMO! as we say in mexico, thanks!
hi, i need some advise pleaase!! my son is 6 years old and he is in kindergarden, we live in Mexico, im mexican. So when he was a baby he recieved 3 doses of polio vax at 2, 4 and 6 motns, (as well as dtap and dt hepatitis b and hib) then i started reading and decided not give him anything else, so thats what hes had. hes very healthy, bf and self weaned at 5yrs, (in case that matters) so tomorrow, here at his school they are going to give all the kiddos, another dose of...
shes just another woman being pushed by a patriarcal society to LOOK like she does, isnt she? shes still a woman like us! wouldnt it be great if she could rebel and SAY whats really in her mind while being on the eye of the massive money making machine that media is? I bet shes smart. Id love to hear whats really on her mind. I dont even watch TV, just movies, but its impossible not to know who she is right? why is that and who is getting the money for what she...
Please sign the petition below. The web page is very sad and horrible, but you wont see anything unless you click on the video (which I didnt) just go to the end of the page and click where it says sign the petition. PLEASE!!! thanks http://www.sharkonline.org/horseslaughter.mv
every time i get doubtful, or when thoughts like "Im going to end up sending ds to school because I cant do this" creep into my head... I just have to come here and read and read... then I relax. I reconnect, feel good and trust again Just wanted to say: THANKS
looloo I do that too, I get books in english and read them in spanish to ds, (4y/o) I ask him if he would like me to read in eng or span and sometimes I tell him, its in eng should I read it in eng? 99% of times he likes me to read it in span and dh to do it in eng. When the book is in span, its always read in span, dh wont usually translate them because ds wont ask him to do so. Ive wondered about this one too. Id love to hear more opinions about this!
something along the lines of a U2 concert, or red hot chilli peppers, .....or a tequila slammers night
what a cool post moominmamma!!
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