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Quote: Originally Posted by maliceinwonderland I've been dying for some pixie stix ever since I opened this thread :
DH without question.
Quote: Originally Posted by choli I think the village got tired of the sort of mothers who have so many specifications about how their child must be treated, and who throw fits when anyone interacts with their child that is in any way different from how Mom does it. Plenty of Dads are included in the disaffected village. If you want help, don't have a fit when the helper is not a psychic clone of yourself. General you, not specific to the OP...
Quote: Originally Posted by Amila Wow, thanks for all the responses. I agree it is the stories you hear from friend's whose parent's quit their jobs so they can stay home and watch their grandchildren, and the grandparents who vye to take the kids for the weekend and spoil them silly. I'm convinced these stories are urban myths
Quote: Originally Posted by Crystal_R We're supposed to be having a girl so hopefully I won't have to worry about this, but since we plan on having 4 kids I'm assuming this will come up. I am completely anti-circ, while DH is pro (he's circed). He' not totally aginst nor circing, but he does have one concern. He thinks it's going to be an issue trying to explain to the kiddo why he doesn't look like daddy. I don't see that as a valid reason to circ,...
take a shower? daily wash your hair? daily bathe your kids? every second day vacuum or sweep the floors? sweep and mop every day, vaccuum about every second day change your sheets? twice a week, I'm fanatical about it change our kids sheets? once a week have romantic time? about every second day take a nap? most afternoons, if I'm home exercise? not much, but I do walk everywhere go food shopping? about twice a week, I rarely take the kids with...
Quote: Originally Posted by mammal_mama I'm glad I'm not the only one! My 3yo likes my coffee, so I warm up milk for her, and add a small amount of coffee and sugar. Some mornings she wakes up saying, "I need my coffee!" That's so cute!
Quote: Originally Posted by choli Very true. Also, sometimes as parents we forget that other people don't find our kids as perfect and fascinating as we do. For most people, an hour or so of someone else's little darling is usually more than enough. I guess it's just you always hear the stories of grandparents (and other older relatives) falling all over themselves to spend more time with the grandchildren and being desperate to spoil them...
Quote: Originally Posted by 4evermom Umm... when you transmogrify her into a dog? : ... good comeback!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by falconry-fan I hate those things, and their many cutesy variations. Many of the worst drivers I've seen on the road have those stickers on the rear screen. I see absolutely no point to them, and I practically froth at the mouth every time I see one. I want one that says I don't give a damn who is on board. I've seen one that says WHO CARES WHO'S ON BOARD ... I was tempted to get it
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