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My kids are as closely spaced as was possible! After having DD, I was fully BF and didn't use BC. I didn't get pregnant (or have a period) for over a year. My milk virtually dried up at 20 wks and DD weaned at 16 months because of it, so I guess that's something else to think about.
Not strictly true. I rock DS to sleep at night, put him to bed (asleep) in the crib and then when I go to bed later, he wakes up for a feed and stays in bed with us. So we always have a few hours to ourselves. With DD, she went through a stage where I had to lay with her until she fell asleep, but I was always able to get up and leave the room once she was in a deep sleep and it usually didn't take too long. She never liked being cuddled to sleep as a baby though....
DS has been a belly sleeper since he was a few weeks old : He's a side sleeper now, though.
My son is 10 months and sleeps in with us... when we have "sexy time" we move him to the cot (crib) next to our bed. He usually sleeps right through it, but once or twice I've looked over and seen his big, staring eyes
Quote: Originally Posted by hempmama Yeah, I find that very annoying. Working full time means you are not providing childcare during those hours- and it's the full time childcare that you are talking about being hectic. :
I usually just say I'm at home with my kids
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla I don't think it's OK at all. Forcing a child to maintain a phsyically uncomfortable, possibly painful position? That sounds just as bad as hitting a child IMO- but at least hitting is over quickly! How on earth do they enforce something like this? Ugh, no, don't tell me. I don't think I want to know. I wondered the same thing, but didn't ask. Really didn't want to hear the answer. Quote: It...
Making a two yr old child do their "time out" holding their arms out in front of them (picture how a zombie walks) I find the idea of punishing a child by making them maintain an uncomfortable position absolutely disgusting and yet there are "acquaintances" defending the practice and apparently my opinion is an overreaction and just an attempt to make others feel guilty for a valid parenting choice. I know that obviously spankings and the "naughty spot" are fairly...
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