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I think it's okay, personally - particularly if you're in the next room or somewhere you can hear her the whole time. But it may not be in everyone's comfort level. As for the cold water, that's never bothered my DD... she'll sit in there until it's practically ice and still be having the time of her life :
Quote: Originally Posted by Demeter9 Funny, Atticus is my son's name and was my DH's idea. Love it. Hamish. Because I'm not having anymore babies. I love Hamish! It goes well with my son's name ANGUS. For a girl, I really like Angela, but it's too similar to Angus IMO. I also like Adam for a boy, but I want my kids names to start with different letters, dunno why.
DD would probably be in heaven if we took her to a nude beach these days ... she's going through a "naked" phase
Quote: Originally Posted by Demeter9 After these very menu-appeal sounding descriptions of eggs I'm sure that everyone is dying for an omelete. : Funnily enough, I like eggs, but if I think too much about what I'm eating, it makes me feel :Puke
Emma was born at 42wk and she was 8lb 4oz Angus was born at 39wk and he was 9lb 12oz! So no, they were quite different!
Quote: Originally Posted by A&A I can't find who to quote, but somebody else said that food isn't an emotional issue for them. That's the case for me, too. I'm not emotionally wrapped up in it, even if I spent a long time cooking something. It's just food to me. In general, I just eat to live, not live to eat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kessed No one is suggesting forcing kids to eat. I think that 'clear your plate' is a horrible idea. BUT - what I object to is allowing kids to opt out of healthy meals and eat snacks for supper. To me that's RUDE. It's insulting to the person who cooked. It's insulting to the people who like the dish. It's just plain rude. Maybe I'm more strict that yon are (well - not maybe...) but I'm not going to tolerate...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kessed This is what I would do. I'm not a short order cook - and I don't cater to picky kids or husbands... I don't think that making a peanut-butter sandwich or giving my kid an apple is really being a short order cook
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna I never deny a hungry child. If they don't want dinner at dinner- then they can have another (simple) option- yogurt, etc. If they didn't eat dinner and are hungry later- then they get food then. : My daughter will often have a sandwich, a piece of fruit or a yoghurt. I don't expect her to always eat what I make.
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