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Quote: Originally Posted by Jessy1019 No big deal as long as they treat each other respectfully. When I was 16, my boyfriend was 34. I would never have enjoyed dating someone my own age when I was a teen. And just FYI, pedophiles like children, not young adults. When I was 14, I was involved with a guy more than double my age. I don't know about pedophilia, but it was definitely one of the biggest mistakes I ever made.
Quote: Originally Posted by mammal_mama Absolutely nothing! One problem is the cultural attitude that says it's "rude" to refuse to eat whatever food is set in front of you. Another problem is the cultural attitude that says parents aren't supposed to "give in" to their kids. A heavy dose of respect for kids can help transform this into a non-issue, or at least less of an issue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Peppermint Leaf I asked our DS last night - he works for one of the largest food chains in the country - and he confirmed what Seven Veils states -- once you have swallowed 'the evidence' its considered stealing something that isn't yours.. and its grounds for charges - and they can, will and do follow through. Even if the empty packet or wrapper is being kept with the rest of the purchases to be scanned and paid for?...
My kids bodily fluids don't faze me in the least. But if I see someone spit, I dry retch
Quote: Originally Posted by Peppermint Leaf --------- Actually I know people in retail security - the stores do consider it stealing and if they are having an escalating problem in a particular store - they can. will and do call police. Yes they do consider eating food prior to paying for it stealing. Since when? I've done this COUNTLESS times for DD and just given the packet to the cashier when I'm at the checkout. No one has ever...
We have a public health system, so being able to afford healthcare during pregnancy is a non-issue where I live.
He wouldn't have dated ME!!! Our um, position on the social scale was worlds apart.
Asked me whether I was sure my life-long eczema wasn't chicken pox :
Quote: Originally Posted by canadianchick Slugs : They seriously make me gag. Those and snails. I think I would be traumatized if I stood on either one in bare feet. :Puke
Quote: Originally Posted by ChetMC You can definitely be strict and GD. Strict is about where you set the boundaries. GD is about how you help your child exist within the boundaries. I'm not strict at all, but a big :
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