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Personally I'd do shifts around DHs hours. That's what we do anyway. Luckily he does shift work, so it's easier to find convenient hours.
No, I don't think it's a luxury! I just started WOH 3 days a week and IMO, THAT is the luxury!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by OhDang Vagina. VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA!! what is wrong with the normal part?? What is soo wrong with saying vagina? I think it's wrong to call your child's private parts a nickname. Do you have a nickname for you elbow? your knees? no. so why should vangina be any different? We say sometimes say "tummy" and "belly" instead of stomach
His earning potential is like twice as good as mine. He is useless domestically (not that I'm good, but I'm better than him!) although he's AMAZING with the kids. And he can't lactate!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by kavamamakava People just don't seem to get what a hard job it is. The stupid stereotype of soap operas and bon bons just doesn't compute. The house would be a disgusting food covered, toy covered, trash covered mess and all my walls would be scribbled on and toilet growing fuzz and toothpaste smeared all around the bathroom, etc. if I just sat on the couch and watched TV while eating bon bons all day. Not to mention...
Quote: Originally Posted by mrspineau In my experience, not on this board mind you but I mean just where I live, people seem taken aback that I stay at home and always assume that we must have all kinds of money. I was a stay at home wife for a long time (off and on, I was an esthetician and worked in a few salons for a short time) and people were especially confused by that. Since I have had the baby, people (strangers who stop to look at the baby and...
I think both sides get crapped on, just depends who you're talking to. Sucks as women that we have to justify any choice we make.
I found the boredom one of the hardest aspects of full-time SAHMing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Making Rain This is all just SO offensive!!! Lack of fulfillment from my job? Name a job better than mine. Name a job more fulfilling than mine. You can't. NOTHING is more fulfilling than raising my children. NOTHING! Depressed? When I'm surrounded by little people who look up to me for everything? Who gift me with more rocks, flowers, feathers, handmade art, kisses, hugs, and everything that gives such pleasure, all day...
Quote: Originally Posted by Phantaja Is it okay for one adult in a house to work two jobs while the other works none? You're not working "none"
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