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I think I'd prefer to work the second job around DH's hours. Which is what we're doing now. For two reasons - if DH took a second job, the money he'd earn from that job would be taxed at the highest rate (like 48% or something) and I'd prefer to work a part time job anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by tayndrewsmama : I think that society today views being a SAHM a luxury. I don't believe for a minute that being able to raise your own children on a daily basis is a luxury. Difficult, for sure, but not a luxury. I will even go so far as to say that I think it is a right and that it is despicable that today's society, not just in this country, but all over the world, does not allow for that to be done by all...
No. I've started WOHM three days a week and let me tell you, THAT feels like a luxury
Er... no
Yeah, I've thought this before as well... you feel more pressure when out in public to have compliant, quiet, "convenient" kids. Personally, I just ignore any potential "judgements" but I know that's not so easy for some people.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roar I think this has probably very little to do with the punishment and more to do with general themes of shame or insecurity. The reality is that there are kids who feel ashamed who were never punished - it is just more to the core of the way they are. Again, I don't punish and don't believe in it. I believe though it is possible overstate the tragedy of a one time punishment like this. As many posters here have acknowledged...
Quote: Originally Posted by suprgrl CPS is such a hard call to make. These parents do love their girls very much and in other areas are more GD than my other friends. There is so much that this family does so well, I would never want them to risk losing their girls. However I agree that how they treated their daughter while potty training her was aweful and wrong. I wish I could have come up with a good response on the spot. It was the little girl's...
Quote: Originally Posted by JamieCatheryn Verging on? Spanking wouldn't be a CPS issue though it's wrong, but the hosing off in winter?!? That's clear cut abuse to me. :
Quote: Originally Posted by Kirstyandgirls I too have restrained dd to brush her teeth and at the time it seemed like the best way to get job done. This was when she was about 1.5/2yrs (shes 4 now) but I'm worried about what this teaches her about taking care of her own body and personal space. Basically I was holding her down doing something to her body that she doesn't consent too - I don't want to send her the message that thats ok. Although, I was...
Well, neither of my kids have a toy kitchen, but right now my son is playing with my daughter's pink sparkly My Little Pony castle
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