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I'm currently a substitute teacher in a state that has recently adopted the Common Core Standards. It has only been implemented in kindergarten so far in our district. I am also close to completing a master's degree in elementary ed. In the last year, I have had 12 hours of math course that are geared to teaching math in alignment to the Common Core Standards. With the CCS, math instruction is focused more on conceptual knowledge and problem solving skills than...
My dd is 11, and she is a fan of leggings/comfy clothing. She doesn't wear leggings with regular-length shirts anymore, but instead wears them with a long sweater (long or short sleeve, depending on the weather). She has always wanted her clothes to feel tight and can't tolerate bagginess. She also can't tolerate shoes that are even slightly too big. She has lots of little quirks like that! :)  
    Love it!
I'd say I'm a 90-95% vegan. I was 100% for several years, but when I began grad school full-time, I just didn't have the time to cook meals every day and was heading towards unhealthy vegan eating (processed food). So, most days I eat a 100% plant-based diet, but a few days a week I will eat some plain Greek yogurt with fruit, a local, free-range egg or a piece of wild caught fish. It has really helped me to maintain a whole-foods diet while I've been too busy to do so...
My ds is 8 years-old, and vegetarian by choice (my dd is not vegetarian). He has always gagged when walking past the meat section in the store. He has resorted to holding his breath or breathing through his mouth when we're near that area.  
We did dd's with Kool Aid on New Year's Eve. It still has just a hint of red to it. I thought it would come out in a few washes! It was so messy, but I'd do it again.
I initially did ETL about 6 years ago when my youngest stopped breastfeeding. I did the six-week plan, and stuck to it hardcore for that time. I think I lost about 30lbs, and had no problem keeping most of it off for the next 5 years. I stuck with the vegan aspect of the plan during those 5 years. Last year I started full-time grad school. It was stressful and I didn't have much time to cook healthy vegan meals. Some of the weight (20lbs.) crept back on over the last...
Millet or polenta?
Thank you, you're right. I'm not responding to the previous poster anymore. :)
My dd loves Geo Girl cosmetics, which as far as we can tell are only available at Walmart. They're light colors, nothing dramatic. They're great for dd to wear on weekends and such. She's not interested in wearing makeup to school yet. She also likes Burt's Bees lip color and bath/body products. The bath and body are under the name Gud, but produced by Burt's Bees.   ETA: They do have some Geo Girl products on amazon!
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