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My experience with Liberty League International, has been an amazing one! Let me start with why we found LLI. My Husband Mark was a Project Engenier for the Hoover Company and I was a Vet Tech. When we found out that we were pregnant we decided that I would be come a SAHM. Little did we know that he would encounter 3 down sizings and lose 50% of his annual pay. Needless to say our lives changed in many ways. When Ameniah arrived life was bitter sweet. We were...
My life and DH as done a 360 you should watch The Secret!!!!
I am currently using fuzzi bunz, but not having much luck at night! Friends have suggested disposables, but I am passionate about recycling! I found the website on g-diapers(diapers that have flushable liners) and have not found any bad feedback. Just thought I would check. thanks
can TTO or Lavender be used on cloth diapers (Fuzzi Bunz to be exact) any one know?
welcome home
your gona love it here
Quote: Originally Posted by Leilalu Sounds like someone has issues
Welcome home!
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