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In the end it will be me who chooses the name.. but it will still be a while before I have the baby! But my dh and I have come up with a lot of names and would like your opinions on them.. Heck I probably won't even like half of them a few months from now. Which is your favourite for girls and boys of my...
It really varies with the child.. My DS stopped needing naps right before he turned 3. Though I do miss that downtime :P
Whee, I watched the premier and it was awesome.
It probably depends on the kids' personalities. My brother has kids that are 12 and 8 that still play outside on the wooden jungle gym swingset. The fort thing with a ladder and rope/fireman pole and slide was always a good thing... but again it's more the preference of your children.
I use Limewire. Don't know exactly how to download it but it's a good thing.
"We hate it when our friends become successful" By Morrissey... "Rasputin" By Boney M. "Ass Like That" By Eminem.. Heck, I even caught myself singing "Puff the Magic Dragon" in public the other day. :
Aww, I used to love anime, just haven't watched it in a while. Have some animestyle movies that are just floating around at my dad's house. Princess Mononoke Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Spirited Away Some other ones I can't remember the names of.. My DS is starting to get into Pok'emon.. So we might be seeing some more anime soon.. even though It's not a great anime..
Oh, I love the Amazing Race! I can't wait for the new season. I didn't really like the family version. They basically travelled the USA and minor locations close by.. LIke ohhhh exotic Canada! Yeah. I found it a bit boring to watch. I can't wait for the next season and heard they're going back to the usual. Which is very good. I would love to go on that show with DH some day..
Wow! That sounds very exciting and cool. My DS is 3 yo and I think he just does the coincidence thing. Though it does happen quite a bit. The other day ds and I were playing and I just felt the urge to tell him I love him, because well who doesn't love their kid. At the exact same time we looked up at eachother and said "I love you" Just thought it was cute ^.^
I think that you should set out some time to do things with your older children sometimes instead of letting them watch TV. Some TV is good but not toooo much. Maybe try and talk to them and get involved with their lives. THey've moved on from being completely dependent but can still use your help with other things in life.
New Posts  All Forums: