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Who saw last night's episode? Andy made himself useful, LOL! ETA: here's a link to a blog entry about the episode: http://blog.jakemarcus.com/2009/08/0...ent-like-that/
I didn't read all the replies, but I am guessing that some are not in tune with your metaphor of "like a single mom". I have a few very close friends who are single moms, and I bet they be frustrated with that... their lives as single moms are *hard*; they really do everything, not almost everything. I have a lot of compassion for them and wish so much that things could be better for them. That being said, I sympathize with you... but you are not a single mom and...
I went back to work, after 4 years of SAHM'ness. Not much help, am I?
Quote: Can't do my job at home, as I am a 1st grade teacher. BUT, as a teacher, I get great benefits (at least for now ), awesome vacation time AND my 5 yr old ds gets to attend my school. Kinda the same. I am an elementary band teacher, and my 6 yo attends my school. My youngest will be there next year, and it will be so awesome. They'll come to work w/me, they are in school 8:50-3:45 and I'll see them in the halls during the day.
oh man. my dd turned 4 in may and still uses a binky. it is so good to know that she isn't the only one!
I have a friend, who is working to find answers to help her son. He has suffered from loss of motor skills throughout this summer, and has been seeing many doctors, having many tests. Long story short, his MRI "showed that his nerve cells in his brain were being degenerated, and this was what was causing his loss of motor skills. The neurologist believes that this is due to a disease called Leukodystrophy. There are a few different types of Leukodystrophy, and the type...
I make 6 8-ounce bottles for my 8.5 month old... but she doesn't drink all of that. I think she eats a little over 32 ounces/day, maybe even 36. Most days, she gets some Toasted Oats (like Cheerios) snacks while I'm busy with my toddler's meal, and 1 solid meal (either cereal or my purees), which she doesn't eat much of. This will depend on weight, too. The rule of thumb is 2-2.5 oz/pound/day, but I think that is applied most often in the months before solids.
I have tried several stretchy pouches, and the KK is by far, my favorite. I LOVE them, and really can't think of one single complaint, which is big, I can always find something to critisize.
that's exactly what i was thinking!
I just happened to pop over here, didn't realize that this thread was here. I am a quitter. I also have hypoplastic breasts. DD#1 was dangerously dehydrated by day 4, had no wet or dirty diapers, despite my round-the-clock nursing. I kept up a supplementing regimen, and gave up. I was crushed. With dd#2, I had done a lot more research, and knew what was going on. I did a lot of weigh-nurse-weigh checks, and dd was getting about 1/2 ounce in each feeding. I...
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