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I have to be warm and cozy.   I sleep in fleece top and bottoms and always socks. Flannel sheets and two comforters on the bed.       
My friends all pay more than $100 to have their homes cleaned. If she was complaining about your price then don't do it. She doesn't know a deal when she sees it.
I normally give $100 but to really good friends and nieces/nephews I give $200.
Love your colors. What dye did you use?     DD and I just dyed a skein this weekend using the dye left over from coloring Easter eggs!
I bought some to knit myself  the Shalom cardi (haven't started yet) but yarn is in two GIANT balls waiting for me.
Organic fruits and veggies High efficiency appliances Quality education
Organic fruits and veggies High efficiency appliances Quality education
I would live in the city - without a doubt.    I used to live in Boston and nothing compares to living in the city, walking around, just enjoying it all. Plenty of green spaces with parks, waterfront, etc.    As for the concern about your job, your job is in the sketchy part of town, you don't have to live there.
Has anyone registered a domain name on the internet? There are so many sites to go to for registering and I an overwhelmed and don't know which one is "safe."  I realize I have to pay a fee but do I own it forever? How do I go about making a website under the name I register?    So many questions -- is there a recommended site you have used? One you like or dislike?   Thanks for sharing your expertise.
Since I was a young girl I"ve always wanted to go to Australia - the vastness - cities, Great Barrier Reef, the Outback, friendliness of the people, traveling some place so out of my element. It is still a dream of mine and one day, I will get there!
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