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2/19  well today was a long rainy day home with sick kiddos, but at least it was a no-spend.  and we got a lot of mileage out of the pkg of origami paper that I purchased a while back for $1.50!!
2/17  $3.45, $28.23, $28.37 2/18   Today's frugal accomplishment: I crocheted a new valance for our kitchen window using yarn from my stash
Yay, today we got our Federal tax return AND I got a paycheck (I do freelance so I never know exactly when they will arrive).  Of course the challenge now is to not spend any of it!   2/16  Budgeted $24.31 at garden center, $45.21 groceries, $13.59 salads for me and my mom for dinner (babysitting payment! )   Frugal accomplishments: With my rewards card and a few good coupons I saved $25 at the grocery store. I took a free veggie gardening class at my...
2/15   frugal accomplishments: planted some mint from cuttings that I got for free.
2/14  I guess I will give myself a smiley face today.  $10 on v-day chocolates for DH (school fundraiser so they get a little of that money--bonus).  $6.89 on coffee for me and my mom (she deserves a little treat because she helped me with the kids all afternoon)!   Frugal accomplishments Planted more lettuce and tomato seeds.
2/13  $73.37 for gas.   put my frugal accomplishments in my prev post
2/12  not a very good day.  I ordered cupcakes for DS's upcoming birthday party instead of planning to make them myself.  The good news is that's one less stressful thing for me and I am supporting a local (allergen-free!) bakery that I just love.  $24.  Fast food dinner $8.64.  Well, I guess it could have been a lot worse.   Hopefully today will be a better day, but I must admit that I am *really* sick of cooking from scratch at the moment.  Expecially since the...
2/11  budgeted spending Groceries $71.19, Drugstore $42 (medication), amazon $27 (garden tool, washing soda, disposable gloves for my son's school)   frugal things today: I got a free tube of toothpaste at Rite aid (after rewards and a coupon). I made chocolate bread pudding from a loaf of homemade gluten free bread that no one liked.  It was actually really good!  Also, my son can't eat egg yolks so I used just the whites in the bread pudding and saved the...
2/10  Groceries $18.98, $18 to file taxes   I mended one of my skirts today. I filed my taxes and the good news is that we are actually getting a refund. I was able to work a lot today and my mom babysat for free
2/9  $10 for a dance costume for DD.  At least it was second-hand.   Today I patched a hole in one pair of DS's pants and hemmed another pair.
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