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2/8  Groceries $47.59   I have already spent $243 on groceries this month, which I am not thrilled with.  The good news is that part of that is a box of food that I won't pick up until closer to the end of the month.  I think I need to try and meal plan for the next 2 weeks at least.   Good things about today: my mom watched the baby so I could work, plus she made us all dinner (yes she is awesome)!
2/7  $2.45 for an ice cream bar for DD   Frugal things: took the kids to free yoga at the library.  Made a very frugal dinner (mashed potato-lentil bake and kale chips).  Used the crockpot to cook some dried chickpeas that have been in the pantry for a while.  I will use them for 1 or 2 meals and if there are any leftovers I will freeze them.
2/6 Well today was pretty spendy but most of it could not be helped.  Baby had a minor procedure at the hospital which stressed everyone out.  $100 for copay, $8 for parking, $11 quick fast food lunch.   I did plan ahead somewhat and saved a few bucks.  I remembered to pack coffee and a granola bar in my bag first thing this morning so I wouldn't be tempted by the hospital coffee shop.  I also made a very inexpensive pantry meal (salmon burgers and baked...
2/5  $4.85 lunch (ok, in the budget).
2/4 Went to 3 stores today and got some really good deals.  I guess I am kind of stocking up at the beginning of the month.  Hopefully I won't have to shop for the next week or so. Groceries $39.13, drugstore $19.00   frugal things: roasted and pureed a pumpkin that DD grew in the garden.  Will make a pie tonight or tomorrow. planted 3 garlic cloves that were already sprouted on my countertop.  we'll see.
2/1  Groceries $46.50 2/2  Groceries $139.19 (I saved $75.75, whoop!), $3.45 at Starbucks (this month I am budgeting $50 for all eating out, including Starbucks) 2/3   This weekend's frugal accomplishments.  Harvested broccoli from the garden for last night's dinner.  Made raw cashew "cookies" for DS's lunches this week.  Helped the kids plant a bunch of seeds--some for a school fundraiser and some for our garden.
oh, cool.  Thanks for posting this.  I've had chocolate syrup on my shopping list for a while (the kids like chocolate yogurt), but I never buy it because it's $3.50/bottle or something.  I am going to do this instead!
Does anyone know where to get the best price on organic peanut butter?
It's really frustrating.  We live in a small 2bd/1ba in a decent neighborhood and we pay $1780.  And that is a good price for around here.  That's because we live in San Diego.  DH has a good job, but he doesn't make any more money here than he would in any other city.  I have had to take on a part time job (2, actually).
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