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those things don't sound normal to me at all. non of the kids we hang around with do those things on a regular basis. obviously every kids has bad days when they have a hard time being around other kids but to behave like that on a consistent basis doesn't seem normal to me at all.
maclaren - any one. the volo is super light weight but doesn't recline.
Quote: Originally Posted by veganf I haven't checked out Meetup in a while...are they still charging fees these days? there is a fee because meetup.com charges a fee to have a group.
I think they are made that way so that big kids like my daughter can fit in them. I would try the pretty ribbon idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Okay- I've slept with both from day one. Here's my basic set up- the bed has the usual pillows at the top- in the head space if you will. Whole bed has a sheet and light blanket (as a rule, add a quilt when chilly) I lie on my side. Babe lies next to me on their back or side (if nursing... or have been nursing...) at boob-height. Covers are up to my shoulder then down to come up to their shoulder. That's...
we sleep under a down comforter and have never had a problem. we also keep the heat very low - down to 50 at night, or totally off. never had a problem with the blankets.
can you just unplug it? wouldn't that be the easiest thing?
Hmmm, I guess I was asking more for experiences of moms who have been able to keep an infant in a seat. I mean she has to nurse so she has to come out at some point anyway. Right? I don't actually need extra leg room or luggage allowance because we are flying first class - my mom has a bazillion frequent flyer miles.
My husband and I took a trip with our kids last month and I insisted on buying the baby a seat. We did, fine, we could afford it (ff miles) but she spent NO time in it. She was two months old. I had to take her out to nurse. She would fall asleep I put her in her car seat, she would sleep for five minutes, wake up, be happy for five minutes and then cry to nurse or be picked up. Finally I wrapped her and bounced her to sleep and sat down belting myself in. At least...
I nightweaned a little before my daughter's third birthday. It was fairly easy with almost no crying. Before that it would have been a disaster for both of us and not worth the effort.
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