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Okay I have two totally opposite thoughts. The first was - you are totally correct - the amount of stuff kids have these days is definitely out of control (although I actually don't think that it is stuff or toys that spoil a kid, it is limits and behavior much more) and I like that my daughter plays with the toys she has, they don't sit around unused. The second is that maybe the parents who have been there, done that like your mom and dad, felt like they sacrificed...
I am normally a size 6 in most places but for maternity at the Gap for instance I need a 10 in the last trimester at least. I don't gain a ton of weight - about 30-35 pounds so totally average. On top I wear a M. I don't want to feel like a stuffed sausage while pregnant! The problem is that you really have no way of knowing how/where your body will put on weight. If you shop at places like the gap though you do have 90 days to return unworn clothes so that might be...
It could be or it could just be that you mildly pulled your muscles too which happened to me the other day. I like this site for basic info on rlp: http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/pubicpain.htm
Do they have keys to your house? Can't you just lock your doors and not let them in? That is what I would do in your situation
I think it is most important to have a birth plan if you think the only reason you would transfer to the hospital is in the event of a real emergency when you and your partner are not thinking clearly. Anyway, I haven't done mine yet but I don't have much to add to most of the well thought out plans already posted.
Two weeks, but my midwife has ben here before because i am walking distance from her office. Pretty funny since my cousin's wife who is an OB just found out I am having a homebirth and wants to "talk" to me before I finalize my decision. Um too late and I have no interest in what you (an OB who has never even been to a HB) have to say anyway, sorry.
Maybe look up some kangaroo care stuff to take to the hospital so that you can hand print outs to anyone who gives you trouble. The kangaroo care research is pretty amazing in terms of health of a preemie.
You could just have experienced a growth spurt. Some people gain weight very steadily and some people gain no weight one week and 5 pounds the next, both are perfectly normal. As long as you aren't eating crappy food I wouldn't worry about it. Also, since the average weight gain is 35 pounds maybe you are packing on a little extra now because you haven't gained very much/enough so far? I mean 25 pounds is a small weight gain unless you were very overweight to start...
Yah, I am having a homebirth anyway and I think it is time to just cut my OB loose anyway. I just needed a couple things from her first (a few prescriptions so that my insurance would pay for some things) but it is getting so annoying!
If anyone can give me some quick links I would love to see them. I want something to take to my OB so that I don't have to argue. I missed the 27 week normal screening time and have heard that testing later is more likely to give a false positive - can anyone help me with an article on that? Please don't bombard me with a lot of stuff about why GD testing in general is bogus I just want stuff on late testing yielding false positives. thanks
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