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Introducing a bottle should not be based so much on the age of the baby as the number of weeks of 100% trouble free nursing you have done. So if your baby nursed perfectly from the start 5 weeks is a safe time to introduce a bottle but if your babe had 2 rough weeks to get going on the breast you do not want to introduce the bottle at 5 weeks you want to wait till 7 weeks. So have 5 weeks of trouble free nursing under your belt before giving a bottle. Most people...
I don't know, our apartment is tiny too and I haven't figured out a good solution. I also feel like I need to get real curtains so that I don't have to look at ugly blinds or the towels I have hung up in the bedroom to make it dark while I am in labor but maybe that is just he nesting instinct talking.
Um, we are supposed to be on top of this already? I have not even started to think about these things - yikes. I feel like I have so long to go, it never occured to me that I should start getting things together.
My daughter will be exactly 3.5 years old when the baby is born and she will be here with us during the birth. She is very excited about it and if my MIL mentions the hospital my daughter informs her that the baby will be born at home (I love it). I am not worried about her getting scared since she has seen me through two very bloody miscarriages and if she can stand to see blood gushing out of me (who can keep their 2.5 year old out of the bathroom) I think she can...
Quote: Originally Posted by medicmama I have a Zanytoes solarweave ring sling. It is very light and dries quickly. So was the person who said that they don't make ring slings out of solarweave (on another thread) totally wrong? She said solarweave has no stretch and that's why they don't make ring slings - seemed odd to me since lots of ring slings are made from no stretch material.
I know someone who switched at 39 weeks pregnant and boy was she glad! I would switch if you at all feel the inkling.
FIL: 2 brothers and 2 sisters husband: 1 brother we have: (will have) 2 daughters
Quote: Originally Posted by nashvillemidwife I agree it's totally awesome. But I don't see any way to justify calling it "better". Well it is certainly better then a hospital birth where the baby is taken away immediately from the mom to be tested and that is what she was comparing the water birth videos to. Peaceful water birth vs. instant away from mom and stuck with sharp things hospital birth. I guess I just don't see how she would not...
My friend's baby was born at home and was slow to breath - almost as if her water birth was so peaceful she didn't realize she was out and had to breath on her own. While baby was on mama's chest one midwife brought over the oxygen, the other gave baby a couple breaths and the baby was fine - totally healthy to this day. To me this is the reason to have a HB. In the hospital that would have been an "emergency" where the baby was ripped away from mom and "resucitated"...
yes a friend of mine got pregnant at 3 months pp after having sex one time.
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