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We have a bugaboo as well. When I bought it, it was basically the only stroller on the market that could face mom (not with the infant car seat snapped in which to me does not count because I am never going to snap the infant seat into my stroller). There are a couple other brands out there now that make reversable seats and I would not buy an everyday stroller without that feature if I could at all afford it. It is so great that I can push my toddler around and still...
I was in a lot of pain from this during pregnancy but I never really curtailed my activity. It went away almost immediately after birth though (within a week) - no permanent damage. Sorry I don't have anything else helpful to add.
I think it would be important to put things in about how you want your kids raised. Things like "we want our kids homeschooled" or "we want to extended nurse and we both agree on it." I think that during divorces issues like this that were agreed upon during marriage fly out the window and could be turned against you, should I say would be turned against you by any good divorce lawyer. I have no idea if such an agreement or provision would hold up in court, but as the...
First baby - not nauseous at all - puked once randomly - was a girl. Second baby - horribly nauseous for months - puked several times - supposedly it's a girl (us can always be wrong though).
My big problem is that Roslin is my MIL's name and she drives me bonkers so naming my kid after her might irritate me for life. I know that is childish.... Thanks for the reinforcement on Sadie by the way. I was a little unsure but I love the name.
I wanted to add that I get incredibley motion sick (I will puke for an entire flight without medication) but even when pregnant I can take just one dramamine and it will last me for a 9+ hour flight. So, you might not even have to take a full dose.
There is a huge range of normal, you need to know if your number is doubling in 48 hours. Try to get tested around the same time of day the second time as the first time. In a small percentage of pregnancies your number won't double every 48 hours but it is a pretty good indication. As someone who has had two miscarriages, yes I do want to know right away if I am loosing a pregnancy.
You could just take dramamine. Two OBs and my midwife as well as Hale says it is "safe." It is a category B.
Mine is at least 1hr 45min away. I picked a team that had great recs and people I knew personally had used. It just happened that the one who lives in my town is away on vacation so my primary midwife will be the one who lives far away. Honestly I am not concerned at all. I had a super fast labor for a first baby last time and I still cannot imagine her not getting here in time. I mean if you call at the first contraction the chances of her not making it are...
As a middle name I think it would be fine. I would hate it as a first name. You would have to be a really, really strong kid to carry off a name like that. In terms of reminding people of the video game or witches, I wouldn't care about that at all.
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