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It makes me think Korea. Which I guess isn't bad just kind of strange.
I am having trouble with middle names. My first daughter has her great grandmother's name as her middle name so it is full of meaning for me. Problem is that I don't have another "full of meaning" name to give to the second daughter as a middle name. Sigh. I don't want her to have some random middle name that just sounded okay. Also, what do people think of Sawyer as a girl's first name instead of Sadie?
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Ryleigh's Mommy~ sooo.......what if you have diarrhea in a waterbirth? This is my problem too. I had diarrhea the first time around all the way up to and including during pushing and it wasn't "wipe away with a diaper wipe type". Apparently my body didn't get the memo that it was supposed to clean out before the pushing part. Anyway, I just don't see how that can be scooped out of a birth tub.
Do you want her to be potty trained or does she want to stop wearing diapers? Honestly it sounds like she is not so ready if she NEVER tells you of her own accord that she needs to go. I mean that is different from having an accident a day but telling your parent you need to go the other 5 times during the day.
At about 12 months she would sit through things like Bear Snores On and Blueberries for Sal. Those both have great illustrations as well which makes them doubly interesting. Before that it was more of the simple board books.
I think there is a big difference between stopping cold turkey when your kid is nursing once a day and when your kid is nursing ten times a day. I do know someone for whom cold turkey worked but I think that was more about the mom finally setting a limit for a toddler who had previously known none - so it worked. If you are feeling overwhelmed by nursing an almost 2 year old, try cutting back on the nursing you might find that it gives you the breathing room you...
She falls into the "don't hold your baby too much" camp though and I hate books written from that perspective. I thought the breastfeeding part was one of the least sucky parts of the book.
If your feelings are about her competance then I think you need to act. Birth can be serious so having a midwife who doesn't know what she is doing is not good. If your feelings are really just about warm fuzzy stuff I would get a doula who is warm and fuzzy or find a friend/family member to act as a doula. If HB is illegal not sure about finding a doula to attend one?
I would go to a LLL meeting if you can and I would go to as many movies as possible with your husband.
I have had two the first one was earlier - 5 weeks and it resolved itself easily. No need for any intervention at all. The only thing my OB wanted was to test my HCG level after a couple weeks to make sure it went back down to zero - simple blood test. Second time I had crazy bleeding for weeks and weeks (as in I had to wear my toddler's diapers). My OB still saw no reason for a D&C (so it is not as if a D&C is standard for all miscarriages) because I took lots of...
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