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I don't think that nursing school makes much of a difference. I think experience and attitude are much more important.
Quote: Originally Posted by funkymum I'm a newbie at this all, so I was hoping someone could tell me whether you can pump directly into a glass bottle. Are there websites out there that go over the pros and cons of different bottle types? I don't know but I have read that the Medela bottles have always been BPA free and that they are also coming out with new ones. There are tons of bottles out there now that are BPA free so glass isn't the...
It could be slight anemia and that could definitely be due to pregnancy. Pregnant women definitely need more then the normal amounts of iron and you might not be getting enough.
I am taking a class the second time around because we are doing a homebirth and I need my husband to know what to do. The teacher is a friend of mine and knows the situation and says the class is really to teach a husband how to coach. I don't need to do lots of breathing crap, that isn't the kind of labor I have.
I know several people on whom I base this opinion - First baby, they were in super duper shape (real athlete types) and exercised through the pregnancy second baby no exercising during pregnancy - no difference in labors at all between first and second. So I think exercise makes you feel better and feel better about yourself during pregnancy just like exercise makes you feel better when you aren't pregnant. However, I really don't think that it makes labor easier.
http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/pubicpain.htm I found this info helpful. I got it really, really badly with my first pregnancy so I know what type of thing to stay away from this time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Otterella It was the midwife's gut instinct and reliance on her experience that told her something was really wrong. Well, not really. They had an ultrasound showing the baby was breech and they discussed with the homebirth friendly OB that it would very likely turn so no problem. Then when she went into labor the midwife did an exam and could tell she was still breech so they called the OB.
You said that you don't speak Thai well enough to explain to him - I think you need to find someone who does speak both Thai and English well enough to help you explain ASAP. Do you have any friends in other countries that you could visit and "oops" give birth there?
Sure you can get negatives and then a positive, your HCG might just might be on the lower end in the begining. Remember to test in the morning first thing when your urine has the highest amounts of HCG. Also, if you leave some tests for a long time and come back to look at them you might get a false positive, it would probably warn against this on the pkg insert.
thanks anewmama!
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