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  That sounds soooo good right now.  It's a whopping 1 degree here, and anything warm & filling sounds good. I've been in a cooking rut this week.  The kids & I ordered Chinese Monday & have just been picking at the leftovers.  I need to go grocery shopping but it's just so darn cold out.  I do have a Macaroni Grill frozen lasagna that I might bake tonight, and pray for warmer weather tomorrow for my trip to the store.  We'll see. 
I completely agree with this.  Also - having GOOD knives makes a huge difference.  I can prep a meal a zillion times faster now that my mother bought be a set of GOOD knives...thanks mom!! Most things I make for dinner can be ready in about 30 minutes...casseroles, stir-fry, simple meat/potato/veg meals, many pasta dishes. Things that take longer to cook, such as sauces or soups that need to simmer all day, or whole-stuffed chicken, for example, I save for weekends when I...
We've had a big mash-up of comfort food and leftovers this week, no real meal plan.  So far we've had burgers, pasta with cauliflower and broccoli, and chicken and noodles (DS #2's favorite thing other than eggs Benedict...and he's only 10, lol).  Tonight will just be sandwiches of some sort before the football game.  Tomorrow is cheesy vegetable noodle soup for lunch, and then a bonfire at my bestie's house for dinner, so I'm making chili, pepperoni rolls, and a couple of...
Last night we just had buttered pasta with Parmesan, and everyone's favorite cooked veggie.  Carrots for my daughter, broccoli for my middle one, and peas for the oldest.  I had a big green salad with olive oil and white balsamic with mine. Fast and simple.  About an hour later we had apple slices and peanut butter.     Tonight I'm working so they'll be with their dad, and tomorrow the kids are visiting with my mom, so I don't have to cook until Thursday.  I'm...
Chicken pot pie tonight made with phyllo dough instead of pie crust - yum!  Plus a simple green leaf lettuce salad.  Tomorrow we're having beef stir fry with rice.  Saturday evening I roasted a pork tenderloin in garlic and white wine, with roasted cauliflower and carrots.  It was absolutely delicious!  Even the kids ate it!!
Sigg makes a 0.3L (about 10 ounce) bottle that is perfect for kids.
Tonight we're having a pierogi lasagna recipe I found on pinterest.  My middle child is OBSESSED with pierogi.  I'll make peas and broccoli (not together) to go with it.  Tomorrow is mini pizzas with just sauce, pepperoni, and cheese.  Simple.  Kids like it.  Mom is happy.
Yes, this.  My LO's baptism party meals were usually something similar to this, as everyone was hungry after Mass but still hadn't had breakfast.  A couple quiches (one all veg, one with ham or sausage), muffins, fruit salad, coffee, tea, and juice.  Plus cake for later. 
Can I join this thread?  As soon as I filed, I started dating a man I knew years ago, and always knew I was in love with, despite marrying someone else.  We fell hard and fast - started making plans to be together forever, despite him living about 2 hours away.  Life was grand - I finally had my soulmate.  I can't pinpoint when things started to change - but since probably early June, things have fizzled.  He is under tons of stress, and has been far less passionate....
Me!  I've been an RN since 1999....worked in OB/L&D since 2000.  Congrats on passing your boards!
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