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we are probably going ton do charter school next year~ been schooling for 3years and I don't want him to get burnt out already plus its ds2's turn for preschool~
Thank You so much for the info~ I live in rural central cal and the obgyns i have met seem to want to do tubals the old fashioned way~ I think the clips sound really awesome! HOPEFULLY THE DOCTORS UP HERE WILL GO BACK TO SCHOOL and get with the timeS!
hmm.. possibly born free bottles? i have seen them at whole foods and they look like avent bottles :
hi i live in calaveras county! welcome to mdc~
How about the opposite to watch someone go through social drag someone you had shared the same beleifs w/~ to see them change and grow in front of you and there is nothing you can do because you know its the best for them but you no longer share the same views since they have changed
Quote: Originally Posted by Nibor : *crosses her fingers that sprouts is taking more subscribers* I would lurve that :
alfie kohn
we love stamps, jumbo crayons, glue sticks, pipe cleaners and markers for non messy projects when we feel like doing more of an art project that requires my full supervision we bust out the paints glue glitter ect..
IMO~ rough-and-tumble play, or 'play-fighting', have a place too So long as no one gets hurt, it doesn't need to be stopped. Studies have shown that rough-and-tumble play actually helps children to develop. Through play-fighting children can learn to control their emotions, bodies, expression and anger. They learn their own limits and those of others so that they don't lose control and hurt themselves or others.
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