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I recommend the book "Quiet" for really good understanding of introverts. It also talks about what drives introverts to behave in an extroverted manner for brief amounts of time and discusses the strengths of introversion.
Is she an introvert? If she is, she may pick up on all the social cues but have no desire to have frequent interactions with other kids.
We only have two categories: diapers/wipes and everything else. Diapers get hot water. All else gets cold. We don't have any color bleeding and cold water keeps wear of the fabrics down.
Valerian. We give it to ds (6yo) at his request (and 1/3 the dose). Works like a champ.
I get glasses for me and D's through eyebuydirect.com You have to have a prescription already, but you can get glasses with the prescription lenses for as little as $6.99 each (plus a bit for shipping). I just got us two pair each for just under $60 total. They have a nice return policy for if they don't fit or you just don't like them. I ordered some for ds about 18 months ago. With ds being 6 and dd (2yo) grabbing them, I was thrilled that I could get several pair...
Ok, after two years of financial rollercoastering, dh has a new job that will increase our household income by about $1400/month. This will almost double our take-home. Yay!
We use small portions and either we eat what the kids didn't instead of getting seconds for ourselves, or I try to salvage what they've left into leftovers or lunches for the next day.As for money, I talk about how we work so that we earn our food and home. The company I work for gives me money because that's how we change what we earn into what we get. Our home, clothes, food, even electricity for heat and Tv all take money, and that's how those people earn money for...
We tried some keifer milk a few weeks ago for the first time. I knew it was good for you, but OMG! It's super-yummy, too! So now DH is all over trying to ferment it ourselves. Our budget is pretty tight right now, so I was wondering if some kind soul would be willing to help us get started.
Purplerose: please share your chickpea soup recipe. That sounds yummy. OP: Strangely enough, we never really had any problems with meal planning. I got a dry-erase month calendar. We have two poultry/pork days, two veggie days, a soup/salad day and two open days. We get a monthly coop-type of food order and that pretty much dictates what we cook. We really keep it flexible. We reserve the right to switch or cancel any night. Knowing this actually keeps us on the plan...
So, today I realized something they said in the IEP. One of them said that my parenting techniques are probably why D's has done so well up tip now. ... That's a pretty big complement, I think. I shall take some comfort in that apparently I haven't hindered ds's development. :D
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