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Things are actually going pretty well. My unemployment ran out, but we got a big check for Christmas. I set up an online account that will transfer money periodically to extend our current incomes. I also dropped a few bills down and we are doing really well on food stuffs right now, so I'm not seeing a lot of expenses. Most of our "unplanned spending" is $5 or $10 for stuff that we need or a treat here and there.   I've saved a lot doing Holiday gifts this year. I made...
We are looking at buying nothing but milk, other perishables, and a few "forgot 'ems" and "just needs" for the next month! My pantry stays pretty well stocked most of the time, and then, last weekend my mother emptied HER pantry and sent it home with us!   There's a lot of stuff that I would never buy myself, so we are looking at "creative uses". For example, rather then go get some crackers or grind up some dried bread for topping a casserole, I used the shake'n'bake...
It won't be until late '14 or early '15. They are going to be doing some new-to-them formatting for it, so it'll take a bit longer then usual. They are also looking at doing color photos (which is a pretty big deal since color printing is so much more expensive for them). I've got the contract signed and sent, though, so
I enjoy wearing a kerchief covering almost every day. I only have three though, so I don't do it all the time. When I'm at festivals, I love veiling with silk or even an extra sarong. For me, it isn't about modesty. I'll do this at a clothing option festival with half my body uncovered. Part of it is the mystery, part of it is the convenience of not having hair blowing into face (my hair is very fine), part of it is covering up so I don't burn (I sunburn easily), but...
Ok, I'm a little crazy with the title, but I'm kind of loopy-happy today. I got the contract from the publisher for my pagan cookbook! We are officially a "go"!   How's your December treating you thus far?
  A basic hummus recipe is pureed chickpeas, one clove of garlic, a tbls olive oil, salt and pepper. Add other flavors to taste (roasted red pepper, sundried tomatoes, etc)  
O M Goddess! Today is an AWESOME day! I have a publisher showing interest in my cookbook. AND a book that I contributed to is on amazon.com today (Paganism 101, if you're interested).
Hubby got a certification that will give him a $3/hr raise. Also, they have mandatory Saturday's for 6 weeks. That'll take care of a bunch of bills, a ton of stress, and all of the holiday expenses.
I made pickles. Fermented pickles. They taste perfect, but they got mushy. Next time, I'll add tea leaves. I'm done with the farmer's market for the year. Next weekend is our big vending event, so yay for that. Oh and the illustrator has gotten halfway through the illustrations for my book!
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