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We are both into the concepts of sacred sexuality and sacred pleasure. Add to that that I'm a natural sex magicker (I use sec to "power" my energy work) and it becomes a perfect way to integrate the two. I don't use spells often, so most of my work is about healing energy and general positivity (like having the energy to think clearly and deal with stuff). Yes, I like the Marvin Gaye song.My most revered goddesses are Kali and Sekhmet, who are both primal goddesses that...
Beef tongue stew over mixed rice.
Actually, we spent several hours talking to Ed last year. He's fun, and he seems to think that our podcast is "competitive" to his own. Talk about blowing us away!
Actually, I found it on google ...Adorable!revolting: no! Consent is the RULE. Always! Put the smack down on anyone who does that to you.Me and the family are putting finishing touched on our camping trip plans for the end of the month. Heartland, here we come!DH and I finally had an in-depth discussion about our open relationship and what we want and expect from it. Since our sexuality is very tied to our Pagan beliefs, it is a rather interesting dichotomy of sacred and...
Ok. It's my first time starting the thread, but I felt a bit guilty for lurking all last month. Blessed beltane! Sabbat Poem: Beltane by Kachina (Pam A.) Beltane, Beltane, Flowers Bloom Chase away the Winter’s Gloom Weave Bright Fabric on the Loom Stir the Cauldron ~ Banish Doom Sacred Hawthorn used this Night Feed the Fires ~ Start the Rite Open up the Veil so Thin Reap the Wisdom from Within God is Sun and Goddess Earth Burst forth Spring and all Rebirth Wash one’s...
We got a town and country last year. There is a reason those have such a high resale rate. They are sooo comfortable and run very nicely. We managed to find a 2006 Touring model with the built-in Dvd system. With two young kids and long drives, it's a lifesaver. We call it the tree fort on wheels.
Meat (beef heart) pies and salad (lettuce, red peppers, sunflower seeds, ranch for the kids & raspberry vinaigrette for me).
  Oils/herbs: Lavender, citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit), parsley, lemongrass, rose - blend into a pleasant smell and add a sprinkle of st. John's wort.   Pagan Rites of Passage is great. I got it for use with my kids, but it's good for the whole life cycle.   This one looks interesting, but I must admit I haven't read it.   From an article I found: "Although traditions vary, it's generally accepted that 49 is the minimum age to be Croned, with some women choosing to...
Steak, honeyed carrots, garlic toast. I don't know what we are doing for snacks yet. Maybe I'll send dh out for ice cream.
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