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Tilly, Netflix has a thing where you can put your service on hold for a month without paying. You can do this as often as you need to.
There's a couple threads for cheap eats here. Aside from that, I'd be happy to share some of my inexpensive meals. We try to keep our food at about 50 cents a serving, but lately we've been meat-heavy. Get a beg of flour, a bag of beans and a chicken, and you'll eat for a week!
Got illustration number two for the book. Going to propose series number two to the publisher. Began planting indoor seeds for the garden while waiting for the snow to melt and the wind to die down. More later.
Getting out without the kids. Actually having a vacation though it be inexpensive.
Turkey pot pies with homemade pie crust made from freshly milled wheatberries. Yum!
First, make a list of foods/dishes your family likes. Decide if you want to categorize your weekdays (meatless Monday, pasta Tuesday, etc.). Get a calendar - we use a dry erase calendar. Label the weekdays with your categories. Distribute the meals. We go at least a week between two of the same, usually two weeks. Since you are wanting to do more than just suppers, divide the days into sections. Put as much detail for each meal/snack as you desire. We are pretty flexible...
JNajla, offer to pay whatyou can afford. If they say "no", ask them if they are denying acceptance of your repayment. If they deny acceptance of the payment, record it (digital recording) and keep the recording. Tell them that by denying your payment, you will consider the debt cancelled. This is a technically legal loophole that often puts them in a frame of mind to work with you. The other method is to just pay what you can and ignore them. So long as you are paying a...
Maybe you could go the opposite way and use a soap that is not smooth. Try a soap with oatmeal in it.
Saw the first illustration last night for the ABC Book. The illustrator is excited that I have the ABC Book of Gods already written and tons of other books in queue.. I will definately let everyone know when it's out. I'll be carrying it on my website and at the events we go to.
Popcorn You can pop a bunch and store it in an airtight container, pull out the amount you want. I like adding melted butter and either shredded cheese, or cinnemon sugar. Filling, healthy, and easy.
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