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glassesgirlnj: I follow Kali and dh follows Ganesha. However, we cannot be Hindu as Hindus must be born into Hinduism (there is some debate about this, but we don't feel it is our place to enter that debate). As such, we don't try to follow the Hindu practices, but honor our chosen gods in our own ways. On a positive note, dh got his results back from the Dr. He has hypothyroidism and will be starting medication for that. We're hoping this takes care of a lot of the...
We follow a schedule as such: supper around 6pm, dd's bath, ds's bath, bedtime snack, bed (often with a few books). Everyone is out between 8 & 9pm. We run a bit late at my house, so you could prolly push those times up. We used to have a problem with both kids waking up hungry before we mandated snack time. I make sure they get a good balance of carbs & fats for their evening foods, too. A small piece of cheese does wonders. If your 3yo likes oatmeal, make that the go to...
OMG I seriously have a dozen of these. Can't get rid of them.We have it planned out: nearly $700 in camping gear as soon as dh gets his tax return in. We are planning to use my tax return to pay off the van, which gives us about $200 a month extra spending. And I think we are going to try to get 1/4 grass-fed beef again this fall.
Maia, I agree with the others. Dump the online contact and keep the IRL civil. I have some friends on FB who are fun IRL but jerks online. I figure I'm just not bored enough to have those interactions... most of the time I've been reading posts for the last few months, but haven't much felt like posting. These last few months have been really emotionally hard on me. My beloved van was in the shop for 9 weeks, with financial and transportation stress the whole time. Then...
We are planning on home renovations, a wooden dehydrator, camping gear, and an appliance upgrade (stove or dishwasher).
Pseudo stroganoff: 1 lbs ground beef 1 can cream soup 2 cups water Flour/corn starch solution Salt Pepper Put meat, soup and water in a crockpot. Cook until done or supper time, whichever comes last. Take the lid off the crockpot. Use a spoon to coarsely chop up the beef. Add flour or corn starch solution to thicken the juice just a little. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve over egg noodles, of course. Strangely, I like this made with cream of asperagus best.
Soviet chicken: Chicken (we use legs'n'thighs or sliced breasts) 1 cup Russian (1000 island) dressing 1 cup Apricot jelly 1 pack Onion soup mix Mix together everything but the chicken. Place chicken in a glass dish. Pour mixture over chicken. Bake until thoroughly cooked. Sliced breasts are great served over rice, or throw on a plate with a veggie and a grain.
Supreme mashed potatoes: 1 potato per person Milk Butter Crispy bacon, chopped Grated cheese Turkey, chicken, or ham, chopped Veggies The specifics are to taste. Cook and mash potatoes with skin on. Add milk and butter to taste. Mix well. Add bacon, meat and cheese. Mix well. Cook veggies, chop if necessary. Add to potatoes. Mix well. We serve this with gravy made from stock, but we've had it "dry"and it was still yummy. Selective replacement of ingredients could make...
We made this decision a few years back: there are certain things that are worth the extra money. It keeps our family healthy, reducing future medical expenses.
http://www.health.com/health/m/gallery/0,,20345806,00.html http://www.realsimple.com/m/food-recipes/recipe-collections-favorites/healthy-meals/meatless-recipes-00000000019532/index.html http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes_menus/recipe_slideshows/vegetarian_recipes_you_must_try
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