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Not at all. I certainly understand how different writers prefer (or require) different types of stimulation or motivation. My own writing style is very different from those that how-to writing books address.
That's not fair. I mostly do prose, but I also play with rhyme, a variety of structures, even Rennaisance forms! Well, I almost exclusively write about people and feelings. Inanimate objects, here I come!! The wind flings it around the iron pole That keeps it tighter then gravity's field. Buffeted by nature, and its role In the minds of people who will not yield, It unwraps its length and proudly unfurls To blaze color across the pale gray skies. The icon...
Quote: Originally Posted by katebleu aren't they really the same thing? one just has a number of pages needed attached to it? kate In my college classes, I had things like "write about a family vacation" or things that are really specific. I didn't like that too much. I prefer "write non-fiction, 20 pages".
Eh, I always hated the "write on this topic" stuff :yawning: . I'm more of a "write x pages in y genre" . My fav book on writing is Stephen King On Writing. It is SOOO funny. And it really brings home how hard it is to break in and get going, even for such a popular and prolific writer. (BTW, he isn't one of my fav author, but I still have to admire him for his accomplishments.)
BTW: Some additional galactagogues: Fennel seed and Corriander seed (I know I'm forgetting one) Avoid sage, especially in high doses. It stops milk production. With the herbs, make a strong tea and drink three times a day or grind and fill geletin capsules. I personally would try the herbal approach before resorting to chemicals. Herbs (with a few exceptions) are difficult to OD on and work WITH your body chemistry, instead of adding to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by kittyhead a friend of mine just had her first baby a few days ago. she called and left me a message saying "hi, we're home! call me back so i can tell you all of the horrible details about the delivery!" I can honestly say that I would leave that message. Of course, anyone who doesn't know I'm kidding at that point is someone I wouldn't be calling.
Quote: Originally Posted by buffybutt nak Anyway my mother in law comes in the room and is like oh my god he is fat! I just looked at her like she was crayz, then she told me that I need to put him on a DIET. I asked her if she was serious and she told me yes, she even went as far to say that at three months old maybe he would like to start eating some veggies . Well, I just have to wonder if any of her kids have eating disorders. I think...
I just want to point out that these articles are MOSTLY written for journals. That means that the writers (usually PhDs) are writing to collegues, or people who have reason to put out theories to others with a similar knowledge base. In other words, the data is more in the lingo or jargon. These would be written to encourage or ask approval for studies, not always site them. Additionally, the studies that are available may not have been very good, so siting them would have...
It is technically a finished novel, in the sense that I have all the main parts. But it's about half done in terms of word count and maybe slightly better in terms of what I want in it. I've got a bunch of stuff that needs to be in it, to flesh out characters, as well as the plot. Thank you. The first chapter is, of course, the most polished, but I think the rest will follow. I actually have a more recent version of this chapter at home (hand written), but I may have...
I hate to tell you this, but that class sucks! I've taken several years worth of psychology and sociology classes (psych minor) and that is a totally biased approach to the subject. Even if it is a "soft-science", it should at least pretend to keep a scientific perspective. Besides, sociology is the study of the behavior of a large group, not the social ramifications of an individual's choices.
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